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Get Your Body in Shape in Your 30s With These Helpful Tips

Men and Yoga

Throughout our lives, our bodies change. Our physique and form alter as our body puts extra emphasis on different functions and forms of development. For many of us, this isn’t something we need to think about much until we enter our thirties. Suddenly, our lifestyle and fitness habits aren’t producing the same results. Our food and activity seem to have a much different relationship to our form. The following will explore how the human body changes in its thirties and how we can apply this information to help us stay in shape.

Of course, every person is different. You might find you don’t have the same changes until you’re in your mid to late thirties. You might notice an early onset of some of the changes mentioned below beginning in your mid-twenties. Be sure to take all of these milestones with a grain of salt—your genetics and lifestyle habits can speed up or slow down these developments drastically.

How The Body Changes In Our Thirties

Every stage of human development comes with its own challenges and eases. Around the thirties, people tend to notice some of the following changes:

  • Dental health issues caused by a slow in the production of saliva
  • Wrinkles —typically around the forehead, eyes, and mouth—often greater amounts and clarity of wrinkles for those of us who stress more
  • Reduction in bone density
  • Slowed metabolic rate and weight gain
  • Changes in eyesight
  • Decreased lung capacity which can result in increased breathlessness
  • Decreased immune efficiency
  • Slower repair and recovery
  • Reduced fertility
  • Reduction in hormone levels (which can result in slowed libido, muscle loss, and erectile problems in men as well as increased facial hair in women and changes in the menstrual cycle)

Okay, we admit, that sounds scary and awful. It doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or frustrating. There are lots of wonderful things going on (like the decision-making part of your brain getting a grip on the risk-taking part of it resulting in greater wisdom, which, in turn, leads to you selecting things that make you happier). One study found that 70% of people polled over the age of 40 said that true happiness didn’t begin until the age of 33. All the above developments mean is that your body’s needs are changing and so you need to alter your lifestyle and fitness habits to reflect these needs.

Take Care Of Your Bones And Teeth

Part of being fit is making sure that you don’t have pains or run the risk of injuries that keep you sedentary for weeks or months as you recover. Take care of your teeth and consider weight lifting to help maintain bone density. It might seem unimportant to workout for your bones’ sake, but this will help you maintain healthy habits at a later age as you’ll have strong bones that can handle the daily requirements of your life and workouts.

Find Ways To Enjoy Staying Active

This decade of your life is devoted to finding the right life for your personal disposition—habits, relationships, job, home, etc.—your fitness routines should be no exception. It’s no longer enough to force yourself to workout, the goal is to find something enjoyable that reduces stress and brings pleasure into your life. Fitness geeks at suggest trying out anything and everything that requires you to stay active. It might be yoga, ping pong, dance, gardening, hiking, or playing with your nephews. Seek out more ways to keep yourself moving as much as possible that you enjoy.

Pay Attention To Hormones When It Comes To Your Diet

It’s no longer enough for you to pay attention to what you eat for only weight gain purposes, you need to keep your hormones in mind. Your hormonal balance plays a massive role in your physique and your energy levels (which influences your workouts, sleep, and relationships). Some of the foods you need to look out for are anything containing soy (which has estrogen-mimicking compounds that prevent normal estrogen from binding to receptors and decreases testosterone) and sugar. Conventional meat and dairy products also have hormone-disrupting properties within, so it’s probably time for you to begin paying attention to the animal products you ingest—focus on grass-fed, hormone-free, and antibiotic-free options. Your hormones are connecting to every aspect of your health and wellbeing.

The above information should get you started on managing your physique in your thirties. Of course, depending on your genetic predisposition, you might also be working on protecting yourself from chronic diseases or illnesses you are more likely to get. It might be worth reaching out to a doctor and asking about exercises, stretches, or lifestyle changes that can reduce your risk of health problems.

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