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Gaming And Mental Fitness: Here is How Video Gaming is Helping Your Brain

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Video games are generally enjoyable, whether action-packed or strictly strategy games. As game developers continue to use technology to improve gaming content, there is almost always a new game to look forward to. Fortunately for gamers, there are numerous advantages to playing video games that will motivate you to continue playing.

Improves Interaction with Others

Video games are an excellent way to share a hobby with a friend, family member, or even someone you met online. ExpressVPN revealed in an article that most men use video games to bond with friends and new people; this is because games provide a vibrant social environment for them.

Plus, the video game community is huge! Because of technology’s advancements, gamers can play with millions of other people worldwide at any time. Participating in virtual worlds with other players fosters communication and cooperation, translating to real-world interactions. They allow you to play with people from across the room or even the world!

People with social anxiety may feel more at ease practicing social interactions in video games with no real-life consequences, thus, improving their confidence when interacting with others in the real world.

Improves Problem-Solving Instincts

Players are usually challenged to solve complex problems in role-playing games. Almost every video game genre involves problem-solving, whether solving a puzzle or finding the quickest escape route. You may need memorization, analysis, and creativity to solve these problems.

This virtual exercise is an excellent orientation for challenges in real life. A 2013 study by APA also revealed that video game players had better problem-solving abilities than high school graders.

Most video game obstacles are left open-ended with little instruction. Players can experiment through trial and error. When you fail to solve a problem in a video game the first ten times and keep going, you subconsciously learn resilience and persistence when faced with real-life challenges.

Improves Perception and Vision When Playing Real-life Sports

There’s a high chance someone who’s an excellent racer in a car game would feel some confidence on their first driving lesson. This improved perception and self-confidence can significantly influence one’s willingness to participate in sports and reap the associated health benefits. For instance, high-action video gamers are good at telling different gray patterns. A University of Rochester study found that gamers who played action games for roughly five hours weekly improved their contrast sensitivity by 43 percent.

People gain confidence through video games by learning essential aspects of sports, such as rules and scoring systems, which can be intimidating and complicated.

Wrapping Up

Playing video games, you already enjoy benefits your brain in various ways, including improved memory and navigation. Some video games that improve brain health are Sudoku, Crosswords and Starcraft.

So when someone tells you to stop playing video games so much, you can confidently respond to the question with these examples of video games’ mental, physical, and social benefits. 

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