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Fitness: The Key to Unlocking Academic Success in College

Double Unders in "Bradshaw"

Some researchers have established a link between physical activity and increased mental abilities. Scientists have long tried to find this connection. Still, modern proponents of this movement, such as Dr. Charles Hillman and Dr. Elissa Epel, are publishing scientific papers on the subject, showing that routine exercise improves mental activity and memory. But why exactly does this happen?

Sharper Mind, Better Grades

Humans have only recently emerged from a hunter-gatherer state, where movement meant life. In the past few hundred years, people have rapidly transitioned from an active to a highly passive lifestyle, causing stress on the body.

Our bodies need physical activity, even if minimal. You could trace a clear connection that after a short walk, thoughts become more apparent, or after a light workout, productivity increases. This is all evidence that engaging in sports is necessary during learning periods.

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Stress Less, Achieve More

An active physical life also notably improves the emotional component, which is necessary for students who live in a constant state of stress. Students are genuinely weighed down by everything:

  • Parents often do not understand things that seem apparent to students.
  • Professors who do not optimize their assignments and give as much homework as possible despite an equally heavy workload from their colleagues.
  • The students themselves most often fall into great stress due to the uncertainty of the future, which is caused by today’s economic instability.

Sometimes, sports is one of the few outlets from this situation when everything around you is weighing you down. After a fitness session, there is an excellent relaxation of muscles and a relaxation of mental activity, representing the highest point of comfort combined with seclusion somewhere in a warm bath. Because mental activity increases after workouts, you are ready to move mountains.

Building Stamina, Building Habits

With training, overall health, endurance, and weight maintenance at a perfectly normal, healthy level also improve. You develop a magnificent habit that will significantly help you in the long run. People who do not consider their health now will deeply regret it in a few decades. In addition to regular training sessions, you can also incorporate the following practices into your life:

  • Small warm-up exercises right after waking up will give you energy for the remaining day.
  • Contrast showers have proven to improve skin condition and temper the body.
  • Healthy food that will genuinely help due to its beneficial, high-quality energy, especially if you eat it first thing in the morning.
  • Quality rest completely excludes the use of sources of cheap dopamine, such as YouTube, TikTok, and others. Meditation practices are also very rejuvenating in today’s highly informational world.

All of these practices are simply magnificent in the context that you will also combine them with fitness. From the beginning, this may not yield visible results, but if you persist for at least a couple of months, you will see significant changes in your body.

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