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Fitness Business Ideas to Launch with Your E-Commerce Store

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The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has given rise to several innovative online fitness ideas that have taken over the regular precedence of going to physical gyms. Online fitness companies like Peloton made a lot of sales and saw their customer base increase by several percentages. 

You can take advantage of this bloom in the online fitness industry too. You can launch your own e-commerce online fitness business right from the comfort of your home. Suppose you aren’t eligible for a regular loan due to not having an SSN (Social Security Number). In that case, you can apply for an ITIN number to get an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) loan. 

This article will show you the best online fitness ideas for an e-commerce store and how to implement them.  

Sell fitness wear on your e-commerce store 

A lot of people need quality fitness wear and training gear. You can stock fitness wear of various sizes in your e-commerce store and offer shipment worldwide. Stock products from multiple brands and look out for popular offerings and bestsellers. Fitness wear to sell includes sports bras, yoga wears, training shorts, shoes, waist trainers, gym leggings, gym bags, hoodies, tank tops, and more.    

Sell fitness equipment on your e-commerce store

Another great way of making money from a fitness e-commerce store is to sell fitness equipment in the store. Fitness equipment includes dumbbells, treadmills, weightlifting benches, exercise benches, exercise bikes, rowing machines, and more. Fitness equipment is quite expensive compared to other fitness products, so you can fill an application for an ITIN number and get an ITIN loan to help purchase them in bulk.

Be sure to include the proper delivery and logistics costs on your e-commerce website so you do not shortchange yourself. Fitness equipment is often bulky and costs more to deliver than other fitness items.          

Sell digital fitness products 

You can sell digital fitness products like e-books, videos, and others on your e-commerce store. You can sell these products by redirecting your customers to a download link after payment. In addition, you can also sell these digital products on CDs, DVDs, and flash drives with delivery all over the world.     

Sell nutritional supplements

You can sell nutritional supplements on your fitness e-commerce store. Offer a wide array of health supplement products from various manufacturers on your online store. Sell supplements in pills, powder form, energy bars, protein snacks, probiotics, vitamins, detox products, fat burners, workout recovery products, pre-workout products, and more.  Ensure that the relevant authorities have approved every product sold in the store.   

Offer fitness training programs on your fitness e-commerce store 

Are you a fitness instructor or gym trainer? You can increase your clientele and make more money by selling the programs on your e-commerce store. You can offer the program in various tiers. Run the classes online to cater to as many clients as possible. You can increase your prices or hire instructors to help if your clientele base becomes larger. The online classes can be held through Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Skype, Mevolife and other software.   

Offer online weight loss programs 

You can offer online weight loss programs whereby you help various people from around the world lose weight. You create custom workout plans for each person. Also, you also create custom nutrition plans, diet plans, and more. You track their progress and create a personalized timeline for each client. 


These are the best online fitness ideas that you can implement for an e-commerce store. Examine them all and look for the ideas that best fit your skillsets and interests. You can combine multiple ideas as long as you are capable of implementing them correctly. Also, you can run an application for an ITIN number to get the necessary loan for you to start these businesses. 

Starting an online fitness e-commerce store allows you to sell your products to a broader audience. It enables you to work from home, travels while working, gain more flexibility over your work, and generate passive income. 

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