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Emma Talks Event Four: Australian CrossFit Regionals

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Australia: Let the Games Begin

This weekend I will be assisting our Rx writers to cover the CrossFit Games and so I thought it was the perfect time to discuss some challenges thus far, and no I’m not talking about our internal affairs or arguments about who will be the lucky soul that gets to interview the athletes (don’t worry girls, I’ll make sure all the cute ones are top priority).

With the excitement of the Reebok CrossFit Australian Regionals looming, I wanted to take the time to discuss a team workout that has overburdened many athletes at this years Games. Out of the 11 Regions that have completed the gruelling Regional stage, not one team has managed to conquer event four under the 25-minute cap.

Typically, it’s the muscle-ups that prove to be a true test of fitness, revealing the toughest and most versatile competitors. They also mark the point of greatest division, with only a select few athletes triumphing against the odds. However, event four of this year’s Regionals excludes the traditional gymnastic movement, in fact it has all the components usually found not only in a CrossFit gym but more surprisingly in a globo gym (although minus the seemingly countless repetitions).

In case you’ve forgotten event four goes like this: 6 sweaty rounds of 75 back squats, 50 pullups and finally (amidst a few short breaths) 25 shoulder to overhead, and good luck if you can feel your legs half an hour later. Following the trend of most CrossFit workouts this one is nothing short of deceitful with only one team finishing within the realms of 25 minutes. SPC CrossFit hailing from the central east region currently holds the top position for this punishing WOD, completing all rounds with an overall score of 25:38.

With three more regions set to crown their fittest individuals and teams this weekend only time will tell if this workout can be unearthed. If you’re one for certainties I can promise this event will have my undivided attention and not just for the lads.

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