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Eurosport’s CrossFit mini-series “The Box”

With all the focus on CrossFit Regionals and Open over the last few months, some people may have missed the launch of Eurosport’s new program, “The Box.”

For anyone unfamiliar with it, ‘The Box’ is a 16 week mini-series that began airing on the 14th of April. It profiles a variety of CrossFit gyms and features athletes competing in the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games from Spain, Italy, France, Russia, Germany the United Kingdom and Sweden.

Without doubt this is a major development for CrossFit. Eurosport is one of the leading sports broadcaster in Europe and after the commencement of Reebok’s partnership last season this can only mean the CrossFit appeal is broadening worldwide.

While episode 4 is already slated for release tomorrow, in case you missed the first three we posted them all below.


This opening programme gives viewers an introduction to CrossFit and outlines the series of “The Box”. It features an interview with the founder of the CrossFit movement Greg Glassman who explains its origins and philosophy. Expert CrossFit trainers describe the day to day benefits and the type of workouts involved. There will also be background on the CrossFit Games which is an annual test of the leading CrossFitters to find the Fittest man and Fittest woman on Earth.


The second episode of “the box” travels to Stockport in the UK to meet some of the people who have started to engage with CrossFit and reveals the impact that it has made on their lives. Amongst others we will meet Chris Cracknell, an international Rugby 7’s player who uses CrossFit for improving his body shape and Tristan Dickson, a former soldier who saw his life completely changed since he discovered CrossFit 18 months ago.

This episode also provides an opportunity to see CrossFit in action through the participants completing a WOD (workout of the day) under the direction of the coach Carl Dickson.


France and Germany In France we’ll travel to the Cross Fit box of Toulouse, a city located in the South West of the country. The Box has opened its doors in last January under the direction of Alberic Françon. The WOD we’ll follow there is guided by the National Coach for France, Daniel Chaffey. We’ll meet also with Yohann Gigord, a semi professional rugby player who is one of the best French CrossFitters and also a serious candidate for the French Reebok CrossFit Fitness Championships.

We’ll also travel to Germany, Nuremberg in Bavaria, where a new Box has opened its doors a few weeks ago. The Box is run by the coach Drake Sladky and his colleague Justin Sprague, (both American). Drake has been involved in CrossFit for 5 years. We’ll meet with 2 CrossFit addicts: Mintra Mattison, 30, a young fitness fan and Dianne Liebenow, 66, a grandmother who practices CrossFit in order to stay healthy for her grand children.

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