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Danila Shokhin: CrossFit Open 12.1 Leader

Danila Shokhin Reebok CrossFit 12.1 Leader

Danila Shokhin CrossFit Open 12.1 Leader

Earlier today John wrote a piece discussing where some of the more well know athletes in the 2012 CrossFit Open were placed. In the article he made mention of Danila Shokhin, who is currently tied for first place with Scott Panchik.

Until this workout I had never heard of either Panchik or Shokhin, which is part of the reason the Open is so exciting. Each year as the Open grows, more new and exciting individuals from a variety of different athletic backgrounds take up the sport. The innovative format of the Open allows anyone with a camera to participate regardless where in the world they are. It is this reason you just never know who is going to pop up out of the shadows.

Which leads us to our new leader Danila Shokhin who hails from Russia. Turns out that Shokhin has a background in sports aerobics. What is sports aerobics you may ask? Well, if you take a few moments to check out the video below you may just find out.

Shokhin uploaded this video to his YouTube account of what appears to him practicing one of his routines. Not only does he display a range of athleticism but some amazing core strength. After watching it, it is no wonder that he dominated the first workout. At 27 years of age, 168 cm’s tall, weighing 75kgs, it is apparent this workout was well suited towards him.

If you are interested in watching Danila’s 12.1, 161-rep performance you can [check it out here]. Otherwise take a moment to see him in action below.

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