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CrossFit’s Weight Class Debate

There are some who have said as the sport of CrossFit becomes more professionalized there may be a need for weight classes. Countless professional and amateur sports have added them so they argued CrossFit should follow suit.

I am of the belief that weight classes would only detract from the sport and hope it never happens. I love seeing the likes of a Chris Spealler going head to head with someone of the size of Tommy Hackenbruck. Yes, on power lifts and pure strength components, larger competitors may have an advantage. Yet this is balanced out when gymnastics, body weight movements or even a run is added to the equation.

One such sport that does have weight classes is the UFC. This past week the UFC’s Melvin Guillard was the headline event against Jim Miller on FX. Unfortunately for Guillard he suffered a submission loss to Miller but his team has posted a video of him cutting weight before the fight.

The idea of course is cut as much water and weight before the weigh-in in order to make your specific weight class. Weigh-ins are usually held the day before the fight so you have that night and the following day to eat and rehydrate and hopefully show up to the fight bigger and stronger than your opponent.

I have seen few weight cuts in my time and this video is pretty tame by comparison. Although what it does show is how taxing it can be on fighters. By the end of the video you can see Melvin on an Precor 576i EFX elliptical trainer and stationary bike looking extremely exhausted and fatigued.

Anyone that has tried to sit in a sauna for an extended period knows how hard it can be and for me just seeing a video like this is another reminder why I hope this never happens.

Check out the video below.

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