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CrossFit Vs Anthos Update

It’s been a few weeks now since the CrossFit community was made aware of the potential Anthos takeover of all 4,000 affiliates.

July 28 was when CrossFit’s Russell Greene first posted on the community forums, where he revealed the private investment company had offered $20 million to takeover Lauren Jenai-Glassman’s share in CrossFit.

Days later, a large portion of the CrossFit community began to fear the worst – that the sport was going to be taken over by an organization that wanted to turn each CrossFit affiliate into a supplement and product peddling store for Anthos.

Anthos, led by Managing Director Bryan Kelly and Lauren Jenai-Glassman, were quick to dispel the rumours. Using social media to push their message, they described Anthos as a worthy brand and the ‘right choice’ to join Greg Glassman as a co-owner.

They also claim that Anthos do not want to replace Greg Glassman as the decision maker of CrossFit, and would prefer to be just a hands-off investor.

The CrossFit community, however, is not convinced. In the past few days we have seen a number of petitions start up, with thousands of CrossFitters pleading for the deal not to go ahead.

The whole time, we are yet to hear, or read, anything on the CrossFit Journal or on Main-site about the issue.

It seems the whole CrossFit vs Anthos debate has only really been heard on social forums, making it very hard to know what is ‘true’ and what is just opinion and propagandi being spread.

In the past week The Rx Review has been in contact with both Lauren Jenai-Glassman and Russell Berger from CrossFit to find out more about the whole issue, and to provide the community with some real facts.

Hopefully we will have interviews with both Jenai-Glassman and Berger on our site soon to clarify some facts and put an end to the speculation doing the rounds.

In the meantime, it seems the matter is still in the courts hands where Greg Glassman is fighting to protect the sport of CrossFit.

It seems the whole issue is a timely one too. Here is a video of Glassman speaking about the CrossFit affiliate model just last month:

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