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CrossFit Open 15.5 Tips & Advice From Amanda Allen

Amanda ALlen 2 crossfit open 15.5 tips



For time:
27 Cal Row
27 Thrusters (95/65)
21 Cal Row
21 Thrusters
15 Cal Row
15 Thrusters
9 Cal Row
9 Thrusters

Well, that looks like fun! Nothing pretty, just a straight up ‘waddaya got in the tank, how willing are you to suffer?’ finale to the 2015 festival of fitness that is The CrossFit Open.

This workout is for time, which means everyone is going to do 72 cals and 72 reps!

Sam Briggs smashed this workout in 7:00 mins flat, she held her pace the whole way through the row and the thrusters. All women in the live workout announcement (Briggs, Annie Thorisdottir and Camille Leblanc-Bazinet) went unbroken on the thrusters and you’re going to need to go unbroken to go close to those times.

If you’re not going unbroken, sit down and write up a plan of when you’re going to break and how long you’re going to rest for and keep the down time to a minimum.

Amanda Allen crossfit open 15.5 tips

Pacing is key, you need to know what pace you can hold on the rower. It looked like Briggs held 1200 cals+ for every round! Pace carefully for the round of 27’s and 21’s. On the thrusters you are going to need to relax and breathe, relax and breathe, stay calm, do the work, make it as easy as possible.

Chances are it’s not going to be a sprint for most of us, so don’t approach it that way. It’s a threshold workout, 85% effort, a sustainable but brutal effort, know what that feels like and stay there. If you blow the red line you’ll be re-doing this workout and not looking forward to it.

Warm up well with a few light row sprints, make sure you’ve greased the groove for your below-parallell squats in the thrusters as well!

Remember you have to re-set the rower every round!

Enjoy the final workout of another intense Crossfit Open!

Will any women best Sam Brigg’s time?


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