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Creatine in your Moisturiser? Really…

There is an advert that has been running on Australian television over the last few months and something about it caught my attention. The ad is for a new line of men’s skin care products from Nivea, in particular their Q10 “Skin Energy” which appears to be some kind of “energising” moisturiser.

What I found outright laughable was the fact they were marketing it, “now with creatine.”

Yes, that’s right creatine. I’m sure when the creatives behind the product were thinking this up they must of thought:

“Hmm, men. OK. Men like women and weights. They also like beer and sports. Not sure how we could add that as an ingredient. Darn…
Oh wait for it. Men like creatine! What man hasn’t taken creatine! Yeah, let’s say we added that to the product! That’s a guaranteed winner!”

Unfortunately being a male who this ad is probably targeted at, I thought this was more gimmick than anything else and was actually insulted Nivea would market something like this.

Check out the ad for yourself and let us know what you think.

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