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Can CBD Expire?

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Today, there is an abundance of CBD available on the market. For consumers that are looking to take advantage of these good, there are many options. Before you invest in quality Cheef Botanicals hemp-based oil, edibles, or pills, you may want to do some research and speak to your physician. 

When a question arises about ‘can cannabidiol expire?’ many people wonder how long the shelf life of the product actually is. The answer to this question is not quite as clear as one might like. There is no standard time frame for how long CBD is safe for use, as many factors affect it. It depends on the product type, brand, ingredients, way of storing, etc.

More or less, it’s not recommended to use CBD goods after two years of production. That’s the maximum during which the extracts retain their properties. After this period, the content will change its taste and lose its benefits.

Choose Trusted Brands

One of the critical factors that you should consider when choosing a CBD product is the manufacturer. Trusted brands have a history of making good products. But as the market grows, new brands are constantly emerging. The quality of their goods has yet to be proven to customers.

Some of them may be scammers who are trying to overcharge customers or sell poor-quality goods. When some product just showed up on the market, there is often no way to guarantee its quality and the truth of what is written on the label. One of the ways to ensure your purchase is to buy only from trusted dealers and websites. They won’t endanger their reputation by selling fake CBD.

For example, manufacturers can put a shelf life of two years on CBD oil, but it spoils after a few months. That probably happened as the content inside the bottle wasn’t the same as on the label. If you don’t want to risk your money and health, you better stick to trusted brands with great reviews.

Product Quality

The content of CBD goods can vary, depending on what form it is in and what additional ingredients are in it. For example, for oils and tinctures, CBD is mixed with carrier oils such as MCT or olive, which have their own shelf life. In pills and capsules, cannabidiol extracts are added in their original form. In topicals, you will mostly find some ingredients that are beneficial to skincare like aloe, vitamin E, etc.

The basis of each product is an extract produced from hemp. These raw materials should be of organic origin, grown in an uncontaminated area. Raw material without toxins and pollutants will allow the derivatives to last longer. If proof of the origin doesn’t exist on the label, you have the right to doubt the product quality.

The next thing that affects the shelf life is the extraction method. Today, the most common is the one that uses a CO2 solvent. This method provides the highest percentage of CBD purity. That contributes not only to longer shelf life but also to maintain full potency for a longer time.

For more information on different extraction methods see here.

Read the Label

Hemp-based goods of reputable brands shouldn’t contain artificial ingredients. The presence of natural flavors and compounds is okay, but you should know that they have a significant impact on the shelf life of the product. For example, oil to which some natural flavor has been added will be good for use for only a year because it’s a shelf life of a particular aroma.

The preservatives included with many supplements have been known to extend the shelf life of products. But high-quality CBD goods shouldn’t contain any of them. Although these ingredients make the product last longer, they can adversely affect its composition and potency. Always look for oils, tinctures, and other forms of CBD with no preservatives and other artificial ingredients.

Packaging Type

 Knowing the exact expiration date when you buy CBD goods is a must. If it’s not clear or someone changed it, don’t buy that product. This date should be imprinted on the package, as printed numbers can be easily deleted or altered.

Many CBD manufacturers use glass jars or plastic containers for packing their goods. While both of these options are convenient, glass jars are often more susceptible to damage than their plastic counterparts. If you keep CBD in the damaged package, it will spoil fast.

Still, glass is the best packaging for CBD products in liquid form. Even if you buy them in plastic packaging, be sure to move them to a well-sealed opaque glass container. That will reduce the influence of external factors (heat, light, air) on the content.

Storage Manner

Improper storage of the product will speed up its spoilage. So, regardless of whether the CBD oil has a shelf life of two years, it will rot fast if you keep it in a warm place (for example, near the window or in the kitchen near the stove).

Some products can be stored at room temperature, while others need to be kept in a cold place. Follow the instructions prescribed by the manufacturer. On this page, you can find out how to store your hemp-based goods.

As with any other supplement, you should always read the label and speak to your healthcare provider before purchasing. They will give you the advice to ensure you’re receiving the best possible benefit from using CBD. But it’s up to you to look only for products of good quality that won’t spoil fast.

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