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Bicep Curls: A Waste of Time?

Bicep Curls

Despite being one of the smallest and least productive muscle groups, biceps are often referred to as people’s favourite part of the human body.

Whether it be because we used to flex them to show our strength when we were younger, or just because they are generally the most visible part of our upper arms, biceps are extremely popular among gym junkies and fitness fanatics.

For functional fitness athletes, however, ‘bicep specific’ training isn’t that common.

In my years of training at CrossFit gyms, I am still yet to come across a workout that involves a ‘bicep isolating’ movement (apart from maybe strict pullups).

Ask any CrossFit trainer and they will probably tell you the same thing: “bicep curls are a waste of time.”

While it may be hard for some of us to accept that our beautiful biceps are not as important as we might think, the reality is the energy we put into isolating the muscle group could be better spent on other exercises like pull-ups and pushups, which are considered more functional.

Sure, spending half an hour doing intense and strict bicep curls will eventually make your arms bigger, and help burn a few calories along the way, but the benefit you gain you for the energy you exert is just not worth it in the long run.

The Mail Tribune recently wrote an article about why isolating your biceps can be a waste of time. It’s not a bad read and also covers a bunch of other exercises that should be avoided, like stomach crunches and leg holds.

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