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Best Yoga Poses for CrossFit Couples

Many CrossFitters have been using Yoga as a great way to prepare for workouts, and improve recovery following a tough WOD. In addition Yoga has helped in improving flexibility and range of motion in CrossFit athletes. Now, CrossFit couples have starting looking at yoga for couples as a way of also improving their relationship.

Today, yoga for couples is especially popular among young people. Such exercises help to develop harmoniously as a couple, keep yourself in the necessary physical form, and also find harmony with the world around you. Yoga for couples originates from antiquity – it is based on the traditions of tantra.

Yoga for two is a traditional hatha yoga where two partners participate. Classes help you learn how to relax, trust your partner, and also open up to them. Most couples claim that their relationship is becoming much better after joint yoga – a deeper spiritual connection appears between them. Such sports practice also allows you to attract your partner to sports and instill in them a love of a healthy lifestyle.

Joint yoga style has a number of useful newcomers:

• Removes energy barriers.
• Removes any barriers in communication with a partner.
• Helps build trust in relationships.
• Improves female body language and male’s emotional connection in a relationship.
• Improves the art of interaction between partners.
• Reveals new qualities in relationships – tenderness, openness, firmness, sensuality.

What is yoga for couples?

The direction of yoga has existed for many decades, which led to the formation of many trends and styles. Steam room yoga is one of them. The basis of this trend was hatha yoga which was significantly transformed. The new direction allowed people to not only do it solo but with someone else. So you can involve a couple or even 3-4 people at the same time.

Back in the day, only a loved person could have been involved in joint yoga exercises. However, you can now invite a friend or a relative to classes. Also, inviting a third person helps to diversify activities, complicate the performance of asanas. During training, special attention is devoted to proper breathing – it must be synchronous.

After completing a yoga exercise session, the two should not have feelings of discomfort or pain. During classes, it is very important to observe and feel not only your feelings but also understand your partner. Yoga often replaces a session with a psychotherapist, while still giving a positive effect on the muscles of the body. There are also several mindfuleness apps which can offer a similar effect.

Who needs steam yoga?

The practice of pair yoga is suitable for those who want to open up to each other more, relax, and trust the outside world. Joint yoga improves relationships – it is useful for both spouses, parents, and children.

What you need for couple yoga

The main advantage of the style is the ability to do it at home with a minimum amount of equipment: blocks, rollers, balls, ribbons, etc. You only need a rug. It is also important to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. To do this, choose a spacious and brightly lit room. To abstract as much as possible from the outside world, turn on some relaxing music. Also important is the selection of clothes. Pay attention to convenient equipment that will not constrain your movements.

Yoga positions for couples

Two trees

The exercise is aimed at finding the necessary balance and focus between partners. To perform it, is necessary to stand on the mat; your shoulder should face your partner’s shoulders. As a support, you should use the partner’s hand connecting your palms together. After that, we transfer the weight on one leg. At the same time, your foot should rest against the supporting leg. After that, we try to get the knee in the opposite direction as much as possible.

Benefit – This exercise evens out your posture and improves your concentration.

This yoga position for a couple improves your flexibility and strengthens the muscles of the back. Sit opposite to each other. Next, you have to establish the support by grasping each other’s wrists. Leaving the knees bent, you and your partner’s feet should touch each other. Then slowly straighten the knees, lifting the legs as high as possible in the process. At this moment, you must try to relax and make your back straight. Hold the pose for several breathing cycles.

Joint cobra position

This yoga position is not very difficult when it comes to joint exercises; it can be performed even without special physical preparation. Your partner needs to lie on the rug while keeping their legs together. Then you have put our feet on both sides of the partner’s hips, bend your back, and try to reach your partner’s feet with your hands.

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