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Best Workout Video During the CrossFit Games Open

The CrossFit Games Open has wrapped up for another year, and with it has come a stack of workout videos posted by the thousands of athletes taking part in 2012.

There has been some very memorable uploads, including last year’s champ Rich Froning and Dan Bailey going head to head in the final 12.5 workout, and surprise packet Danilla Shokhin pulling out a mammoth 161 reps in the opening workout to lead the competition in the early stages.

Like last year, there were also some innovative workout setups, with some athletes performing the WOD in rainy conditions and one even in the snow! We also had a few go naked in some of the workouts.

However, after viewing hundreds of workouts, The Rx Review has awarded an animal with the ‘Video of the Open’ award.

That’s right, Dottie Petersen is a dog from the Mid Atlantic region, and by my knowledge is the first ever animal to take part in the CrossFit Games.

While she failed to complete any other workout after 12.1, Dottie captured the imagination of the CrossFit community after an impressive performance in the opening week.

Dottie may have only managed to get 12 burpees, and was in a dismal 1149th position heading into week two, but she win’s our Video of the Games award:

Check out her awesome effort below:


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