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Battle Scars: What To Do?

Torn Hands

Emma’s tears her hands

There is no denying CrossFit can have lasting effects on the body. While toned abs, arms and legs are certainly a welcomed feature of the sport; sometimes it comes at a rather painful price.

It is fair to say that scrapes, bruises and wounds are part and parcel of CrossFit training. Like many of you, I have been living with my scars from CrossFit for some time now. The calloused hands from the rower, rips and tears from the bars, scrapes, burns and bruises from the gymnastic straps, all quickly became part of my training. Sure there was an adjustment period but I soon began to embrace my wounds as evidence I was training hard. However, some scars on my body were just not acceptable. No matter what I said to myself I just hated the scrapes and scars on my legs.

When I took the skin off my shins after missing a box jump and left chunks of skin on the bar after a deadlift, I was always devastated. I’m guessing the girls among us will all probably agree that the last thing we want to worry about when getting ready for a night on the town is trying to seamlessly cover our beaten legs. You can hide the hands and cover the bruises, but the scars on the legs just don’t seem to fade.

We are on the eve of summer here in Australia and because I can no longer hide behind my leggings and stockings, I thought it was a great time to share the products I’ve been using to make my scars vanish.

From all the products i have used I chose three to review. The first was Bio Oil an orange/pink colored oil that claims to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, scars and uneven skin tone. While it is great for the reduction of scars I found the issue was the maintenance. The directions for Bio Oil require applying it both morning and evening for three months. It is a product that demands regular application and requires intense massaging. If you put it on as often as required I’m sure its great, but I have a life and am just not that proactive. In addition, the oil takes a long time to absorb into the skin so tends to stick to clothing and material after application. The fact it took so long to dry also meant I was simply not putting in on as often as required. If you find you are disciplined and religious when it comes to applying creams/moisturizers etc. and don’t mind slipping it into your beauty regime this product will probably work. Although for me in spite of the fact I like the product I found it a little too demanding.

The second product I used for my stubborn scars was High Potency Vitamin E Cream from Rosken. Although it was good, I quickly found it too required constant reapplication. If you’re looking for a product for your beaten hands this one will do the trick at an affordable price. It is a great moisturizer, particularly for CrossFitters because it contains healing properties but for the disappearance of scars I’ve found something better and less demanding.

Finally I came across Innoxa, a French product that claims to “rescue your skin from the appearance of scars.” While it too is oil, it comes in a spray can (alleluia) and from what I can tell takes about half the time to absorb into the skin compared Bio Oil and Rosken. Personally, I have found this to be the best, the ease of use and quick application have meant that I simply use it more often. You don’t need to rub it in or wash your hands after use, it’s as simple as ‘spray and walk away.’

Now I know my review was anything but scientific and was simply based on what worked best for me. Some may have other products you find more effective but for me this one suits my needs the best. So, if I had to pick my favorite Innoxa would emerge victorious!

In terms of appearance, like everything, all good things come to those who wait. I have noticed in the short period I have been using Innoxa it has visibly reduced the appearance of my scars. So instead of needing spac filler to cover my wounded legs it is more like a touch of bronzer will do the trick. Of course I won’t be entirely satisfied until the days of my scars become a distant memory but until I stop training I think that may be awhile away.

Now where to purchase this must have for CrossFit women. The good news is you can get it in a variety of stores in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. In Australia: you can find it at Chemist Warehouse or Priceline.

For those on the other side of the globe you can order Innoxa products online at various retailers including Good luck in keeping those legs scar free!

3 Products Used In Review

3 Products Used In Review

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