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Armaid Giveaway: Winners Announced

14 Armaids have been given away!

14 Armaids have been given away!

Last week we ran a giveaway for the Armaid Self Therapy Tool for Arms and Elbows where readers had the chance of winning two Armaids, valued at US$100.

We asked readers to leave us a comment telling us about their case of tendonitis in their arm or elbow, and how limited their range of motion is.

We received a number of responses, ranging from CrossFitters hurting their arm doing muscle ups, to Firefighters battling chronic tendonitis.

Terry Cross, the owner of Armaid, was overwhelmed by the responses and has now decided to give an Armaid Self Massaging Tool to EVERYONE who responded to our question.

Here’s a statement written by Terry:

“After viewing all the requests for an Armaid, we just couldn’t decide on which persons to send them to. Some of the stories describe people with painfully chronic, long-standing need and others with a more recent but still debilitating problem.

How do we say yes to some and not to others? Pain is pain and a restricted life is just that.

The Armaid company was founded on the principle of helping people to help themselves, to be independent and pain-free. So in that spirit, we are giving away Armaids to everyone who responded!”

So rather than giveaway just 2 Armaids, we are giving away 14 in total!

Here is the full list of winners:

  • afto
  • Nick
  • Nicholas Wheeler
  • Jay
  • Matt Bearman
  • Rwilliams
  • Brian Warden
  • gd929
  • Alex_L
  • Nrl126
  • Ffdan
  • Will Johnson
  • Jared_Johnson8
  • JA Cabello

If you are one of the names mentioned above, please send your postal details to so we can send out your free, brand-new Armaid!

Once again, thanks to everyone who took part in the giveaway, and to Terry Cross from Armaid, not only for his generosity, but also for making such a great product!

– John

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