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Armaid Release Extreme Roller Attachment

Earlier this year we review the Armaid Therapy Self Therapy Tool for Arms and Elbow. In short, the Armaid is clamp like device that you strap to your leg that allows you to massage your forearms, arms and elbows. (We give a detailed rundown in the video above)

Prior to using the Armaid, I had been suffering from RSI pain in my arm and wrist. I tried everything but nothing seemed to work. That was until I found the Armaid and after a single 10-minute session with it, I was shocked to be pain free.

I have continued to use the Armaid throughout the year, and my love for this little device has not waned. In fact, since I got my hands on this, I’m glad to report my RSI has vanished completely.

Armaid Extreme Roller Attachment

Armaid Extreme Roller Attachment

My Jiu Jitsu studio has an Armaid and it is in such high demand, there are days when there is a line of people waiting to use it. I find it great after you do any forearm intensive workout or a CrossFit WOD like Helen, Fran, The Seven or any O-lifting exercise for that matter.

It was due to some the reasons listed above, I was excited when Armaid sent me their newest attachment. Called the Extreme Roller, this small orange ball looks more like something out of a scene in Pulp Fiction than a massage tool.

Jokes aside, I have been using the Extreme Roller on the Armaid for a few months now and find it is a great tool to relieve any tightness or problem areas in your forearm. It currently retails for $19.95 and I think it is a great addition to their proudcut line.

To purcahase an Armaid, the Extreme Roller attachment, or to find out more you can check out their website at

The Armaid with the Extreme Roller attached

The Armaid with the Extreme Roller attached


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