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All the Ladies: 6 Reasons You Should Drop It Like a Squat

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When my super awesome editor Michael (you know him as the creator of The Rx Review), asked me to write a piece on why us women should squat, first thing that came to mind is, “Why shouldn’t we?” Done and done. But one sentence does not an article make, so I forged ahead.

My second thought, thanks in large part to the recent MTV Video Music Awards, was Miley Cyrus’s flabby no ass. If you haven’t seen the comparison of her buns to an uncooked chicken, Google it. It’s well worth the chuckle–although it may scar you for life. For that I won’t apologize. Blame Miley.

Reason 1: Miley Cyrus

Seriously though, Miley’s lack of backside is reason number one why we need to squat. We are women; we should have curves. It’s what makes us awesome.

You could achieve those curves with ice cream (ahem…or so I’ve been told), but if you want some boost to your booty instead of a sag in your seat, I highly recommend the squat instead.

Reason 2: Full Body Love

You might think of squats as a lower body workout — given the days following can leave you holding onto sinks and walls to lower yourself to pee and possibly even crawling up stairs because your legs are so wrecked.

So yes, you’d be right that your lower body is in play, but you’d be wrong if you think other muscles aren’t on the job as well. Your abs and overall core are helping to keep your body stable, so get ready to feel some pain when you laugh.

And in general, squats trigger hormones in the body that help to stimulate full-body muscle growth. Bottom line: Do squats and you’ll be awesome all over.

Reason 3: Calorie Killer

Don’t want to WOD today? That’s OK. But if you’re still looking to burn some calories outside of the box, skip the cardio and do some squats. Squats build muscle, and muscle burns calories more efficiently than cardio can.

In fact, when you run, bike, or Zumba, you’re burning calories only for the time that you’re doing those activities. But when you squat (or strength train, in general), you keep killing calories even when you’re back to your regular daily routine of sitting at a desk working away.


Reason 4: Get Higher and Faster

Do you suck at box jumps? Is there very little difference in your jog, run, and sprint speeds (and who am I to judge!)? If so, make squats your new BFF.

The stronger your legs and core are, the better you’re going to be able to jump higher and run faster. Aim for a deep squat with good form, and you’ll be on your way to a better vertical and actually seeing a difference when setting your paces.

Reason 5: Klutz Prevention

As a self-proclaimed klutz and prone to all things accidental, I love anything that will prevent me from further hurting myself. With that said, I give my gratitude to the squat. Why? Because squats, when done correctly, can act as a bodyguard.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I have weak stabilizers and connective tissues, but the more squats I do, the stronger those body parts will become, and the less likely I will get injured–barring where stupidity just steps in (which may be more often than I care to admit).

Reason 6: Funny T-shirts

Yes, I saved the best for last. Funny t-shirts? Um, yes please! When you squat, you get to widen your workout wardrobe to include tops with such sayings as:

“I squat more than your boyfriend.”
“Don’t ya wish your girlfriend could SQUAT like me?”
“This is why I squat [arrow to butt].”
“Squat: The difference between having a butt and an ass.”
“I [upside-side down heart] squats.”

Seriously, I could go on all day. These shirts are awesome. But you know who can’t wear them–Miley. Why, because she doesn’t squat and her ass is the bottom-line proof of that.

So what have we learned today, ladies? Don’t be Miley Cyrus. Go do some squats instead.

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