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8 Things You Should Do After a Workout

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As adults, we sure have a lot of things to do that one day might not be enough to accomplish them all unless you multitask. Hence, after hitting the gym, many people just go home and do their usual routine such as dropping their kids at school or preparing for work.

However, the things you do after your actual workout is crucial. Apparently, things shouldn’t just end after doing your workout routine.

There are also post-workout things that you need to do to ensure that you get maximum results from all your effort of running, sweating, lifting weights, etc. If you’ve just finished your workout, here are some things you need to do right away before you start your chores


You probably know how important it is to stretch before a workout. For starters, doing this keeps your muscles strong and flexible, so they won’t get damaged after a heavy workout session. But did you know that it is vital to stretch after a workout too?

Many people skip stretching after their workout session as they’re just too tired to move anymore. Sometimes, others are just so busy to even think about it. But, apparently, doing this helps your body to recover faster.

After working out, stretching helps your body’s heartbeat to normalize. Additionally, it repairs your muscles after an intense routine. Plus, your blood circulation to the muscles will resume.

Cool Down

Have you ever felt lightheaded or dizzy after you suddenly stopped exercising? This is because of your body’s temperature that rises and your blood vessels that widen as you exercise.

Just like stretching, a lot of people also tend to overlook and skip this part. Hence, many feel dizzy, lightheaded, or even throwing up, especially after an intense workout.

Your body needs time to recover, so you won’t feel sick after hitting the gym. Thus, after a workout, you must try to cool down your body first, so you’ll feel better after working out.

This is the time to take advantage of the treadmill. Or, you can slow down and walk around the area for several minutes until you feel you’ve already completely cooled down.


You lose a lot of fluid as you sweat, especially if your workout is intense. If you don’t replace it right away during your workout, your body temperature may rise, as well as your heart rate, causing you to feel more tired than usual. When this happens, you won’t be able to make the most out of your session.

So, during and after you exercise, don’t forget to replace the fluid lost right away by drinking water. This will also help you increase strength and flexibility, and even lessen muscle soreness. However, note that the amount of water you need to drink to replenish your body’s water varies depending on several factors. But, generally, you should drink approximately two to three glasses of water for every pound you lost.

Eat Right

Some people are comfortable eating before a workout and others like to eat after hitting the gym. Regardless, it is important that you eat snacks after exercising too. But, make sure that you eat the right ones.

Some people just like to celebrate the end of their workout by pigging out, not knowing that this will put all your efforts to waste. It sure is quite tempting to eat a bowl of your comfort food or overeat after an intense workout, but refrain from doing it if you want to see good results from your workout.

Instead, watch your calories and eat the right food that will help your body recover from soreness. You can ask your coach about which food and how much you should eat. Or, you can sign up for meal plans, so you’re sure that you get the right amount of nutrients that your body needs.

Take Supplements

Unfortunately, not all of us get the right amount of nutrients. This is due to many factors, including how your food is prepared. That said, consider taking supplements too. You can try visiting a supplements shop or ask your friends or family if they can recommend a good supplement that you ended – be it for weight loss, weight gain, or whatnot. This way, you’re guaranteed that you’re able to get the right amount of nutrients to quickly achieve your body goals.

Change Clothes

Changing clothes is quite a no-brainer. Yet, it’s still worth talking about as some are often in a hurry to do other tasks for the day.

Sweat means moisture. And moisture promotes the growth of bacteria, germs, fungus, and yeast. All of these can cause skin breakouts, infections, and body odor. You don’t want to achieve your body goals while sacrificing your skin’s condition and your smell, right?

Thus, make sure that you change your clothing after breaking a sweat too. You don’t need to change everything, though. Just remove all the wet clothing, such as your shapewear, top, or bra. In this way, you won’t get sick after an intense workout.

Take a Shower

Taking a shower also helps your body to recover. As you move and workout, your body temperature rises. But if you were to take a cool shower after, you’re able to help normalize it again. This is because a cool shower helps lower your body’s temperature.

By doing this, you’re also helping your body to heal. This is because a cool shower can help decrease muscle inflammation caused by working out. And when it does, you’ll feel less soreness, which prepares you for another workout day.

Get a Massage

If you don’t have a hectic schedule waiting for you after you hit the gym, consider receiving a massage too. You can visit your favorite massage spa or do it yourself.

Massage can benefit your body after a workout too. This prevents muscle soreness and improves your recovery too. Additionally, it strengthens the muscle for your next workout.

Your post-workout routine is important too as it helps you recover faster and prepares you for the next day. So, no matter how hectic your schedule is, make sure that you pay attention to your post-workout routine too.

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