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7 Simple Ways to Become a Better Runner

crossfit training for a marathon

Running is one of the easiest and cost-efficient ways to get in shape. There’s no need to make a fortune at 22Bet Uganda to get everything for your start. Just buy a pair of sneakers, trainers, and a t-shirt for your first running session. But it’s not just about the right clothes, it’s also about your performance, and these easy tips will help you get better at running. 

Start Small

While professional runners work on increasing the distance, beginners focus on the speed and duration of the first run. Everyone’s speed is different, and it depends on the distance that a person can run at a certain time. With high speeds, the distance is longer, with low speeds, it is shorter. It is not worth straining and chasing a long distance. Start with 20 minutes. After a week, increase the running time by 5 minutes.

Pick Your Pace

Run at a pace that allows you to talk calmly. As soon as you start panting while running and cannot repeat a phrase, it is impossible to run at this pace for a long time.

Determine the Time

The best time depends on your biorhythms and daily routine. Be guided by how you feel after a run. If you can’t relax and don’t sleep well after an evening run, a morning run is fine. If you’re exhausted and can’t pull yourself together after your morning run, the evening hours are fine.

Be Aware of Your Diet

When to eat before jogging? The time may vary depending on the quality of the food consumed: if it is fast food, train no earlier than after 2-5 hours, if it is a vegetable salad, then 1 hour will be enough. Before a run, it is best to consume carbohydrates to energize your body. There are also many supplements for runners that can improve performance.

Proper Clothing When Running

In winter, clothing that keeps warm well is great. Winter sneakers should have deep tread on the sole. Never forget the important additions, such as mittens, a scarf, and a hat. In summer, it is important to avoid overheating by using headgear like a cap. Clothing shouldn’t cramp or restrict movement.

Improve the Quality

The quality of the run determines how long it lasts. Landing should be on the front wide part of the foot, the body is in a slight tilt. Knees are soft (slightly bent in the landing), arms bent in the elbows at 90 degrees. Avoid clenching your fists, relax your fingers in your palms. Shoulders down: so they don’t scramble, relax your lower jaw.

Remember to Breathe

Breathe through your mouth. This way, oxygen will get to the brain faster and blood will circulate better, which will make it easier to move. If you breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, the lack of oxygen will make you feel suffocated.


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