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6 Healthy and Natural Sleep Solutions

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While deep down most of us know that sleep is important, we sure don’t act like. It appears to many that sleep is viewed as more a luxury than it is a necessity. If we have time, we will get the required hours of sleep. As a general rule, however, we get much less. This should not be the case. It is important to have the physical break that sleep provides us with each evening. CrossFit athletes should aim for seven to nine hours of sleep a night. Here are some healthy and natural sleep solutions to get you to that point if you are not already there. 

Understand the Role of Melatonin

Melatonin is extremely important to the human body. It is a hormone that is meant to regulate a natural pattern of sleep and awake time. It is the natural component that helps us to understand when it is time to sleep. If you are having difficulty falling asleep at a normal time, you will want to consider taking increased doses of melatonin. Although it is natural, you should still consult with a doctor before you do so. You can buy Sermorelin if melatonin doesn’t work for your body, it is another option that can help you sleep better.

Drink Some Warm Milk

Warm milk before bedtime can help relax your brain and get you ready for sleep. Beyond this, it is a tremendous source of calcium. You will also want to consider drinking almond milk, as this naturally produced melatonin in the body. 

Know What Snacks To Eat At Night

It is important to make your last big meal of the day several hours before bedtime. At the same time, you might get the munchies just before you go to sleep. That is okay if you know what to eat. You will want to look at snacks that are high in protein and carbohydrates. These will help put you to sleep. A suggestion is either a banana or some peanut butter. You can also go for some wheat crackers and cheese. 

Realize the Power of Lavender

Lavender oil is so soothing that is can literally put you to sleep. You can take a warm bath just before bed and add in some lavender oil. This will put you into a perfect state of relaxation. You can then melt away in your memory foam mattress and sleep the night away. 

Keep the Television at Bay

Stay away from turning on the television in bed at night. The images and bright lights will do little to relax you. It is best to leave it off. If you cannot fall right asleep, consider reading as an activity that can help you nod off. 

Avoid Evening Exercise

While you definitely want to exercise in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you will want to do so at the appropriate times. An hour or two before bedtime is not optimal. Your body temperature increases during exercise and it needs time to go down before you can sleep well. 

These are just a few of the things you can do naturally to help you sleep better at night. Some of these tips work better for some people than others. Find out which solutions tend to gel for you and then stick with it. It is important that you discover what helps you to sleep better at night. Your entire well being and outlook on life will improve as a result.

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