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5 Dental Emergencies You Must Never Ignore

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Dental and oral health is a crucial element of our overall health, yet most tend to overlook concerns that lurk here. We tend to shrug off a stained tooth, dealing with a painful crack, and make odd excuses for foul breath. 

But these concerns can all be symptoms of something serious. And beyond health and well-being, let’s not forget the major impact the state of our teeth has on self-confidence. 

But when it comes to dental emergencies, you might be wondering which dental concerns should be treated with urgency. So we’ve listed five of the most common time you’ll need to head to a Queen Anne family dental clinic or your local dentist’s office for emergency dental care. 

Swollen Gums

If your gums are inflamed, swollen, and painful, it’s wise to head straight to your nearest dentist. A prevalent cause of gum inflammation is gum disease or gingivitis. However, there are also a few other causes. 

Because there are multiple potential causes, and swelling gums are a major concern, it’s crucial to seek dental treatment right away. 

Cracked, Chipped, Or Broken Tooth

Breaking, chipping, or cracking a tooth is exceptionally painful. Often, this type of injury is enough to cause immense pain. But beyond the initial injury, if you don’t seek immediate treatment, you’ll increase the risks of further damage. 

Lost Filling Or Crown

If you have a crown or a filling and it has fallen out somehow, it’s essential to book an emergency appointment right away. 

Crowns and fillings can fall out for a few different reasons, like excessive brushing or decay. But when this happens, a damaged tooth becomes exposed, which increases the risks of further damage and immense discomfort. 

Persistent Toothache

An ongoing toothache should never be ignored, either. Often, a persistent toothache is a symptom of cavities, receding gums, gingivitis, tooth decay, or even a crack. 

If you’ve been enduring tooth pain for more than one day, it’s crucial to head to the dentist to have the symptom checked before it spirals out of control. 

Dislodged Or Knocked-Out Teeth

If you’ve experienced an injury in which a tooth or multiple teeth have been dislodged or even knocked out completely, you’ll need to visit an emergency dentist as soon as possible. 

Often, a professional dentist can mend this issue and help you keep your teeth. Even if a tooth is holding on by a thread.

And if you cannot save your teeth, effective replacement options such as dental implants or snap-in dentures exist. Leaving your gums to heal on their own can lead to skew teeth, infection, and more concerning oral health issues. 

In addition to prioritizing the dental emergencies listed above, it’s also crucial to keep up with an ideal oral hygiene routine. A suitable routine should include brushing twice each day with a soft-bristled toothbrush, flossing between each tooth, rinsing with a saltwater solution, and scraping the tongue at least once each day.

Moreover, it’s also vital to visit the dentist once a year for a professional cleaning and a thorough oral health exam.

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