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5 Coronavirus Problems Besides the Virus Itself

Since coronavirus appeared in early 2020, it has devastated the entire world. Some countries have handled it better than others, but it has demonstrated that a single, highly-infectious virus can essentially force entire nations to grind to a halt.

The disease itself is a problem, as it has killed more than 370,000 individuals in the US so far, and it will probably kill a whole lot more before we manage to wipe it out. Meanwhile, there are many coronavirus-related problems aside from the virus itself and the illness and deaths it causes. Let’s go over a few of those.

Many Individuals Have Lost Their Jobs

There are about 327 million people in America, give or take. It’s a little tough to nail down the exact amount, mostly due to undocumented individuals who try and avoid census takers.

Regardless of the exact number, the pandemic has caused widespread job losses. Many people have lost their positions because they can’t work from home. Their former workplaces have shut down, and some of them will never open again.

Many of these jobless individuals are looking for new employment, but often, that search takes time. While they job hunt, they’re running out of money, making their situations desperate.

Relatives Cannot See Each Other

Another problem is the fact that many relatives cannot see each other right now. You might live in the same city as your parents or siblings, but you may not have seen them in months. Each family unit might be locked down right now unless you managed to do a little outside, socially-distanced visiting during the warmer months.

It’s hard to be apart from one another, especially if you have already missed some birthdays, weddings, holidays, graduations, or even funerals. Many people spent most of 2020 entirely isolated from their families. It’s not easy keeping that up forever.

Fraying Relationships

Fraying relationships are another indirect coronavirus result. In times like these, family units and couples either come together, or they unravel.

A supreme test is taking place. If you love your family and don’t mind spending a lot of time with them, you’re probably okay. However, if there was tension between you and your spouse, your kids, parents, or whoever else, it might have reached a boiling point by now.

This pandemic will doubtless end some marriages and relationships. That’s sad, but there is one silver lining.

If you do come out of this without any of your family members having killed one another, you will probably have stronger bonds than ever before. You weathered the storm, and you’ll look back on this time and remember it always.

More Abuse and Sexual Assaults

Sexual assaults and physical abuse are two other coronavirus-related problems. Before the pandemic, if someone abused a spouse, partner, or other family members, that individual could take action. They could go to the police and possibly get a restraining order against the abusive person.

Doing that is much more challenging right now. The police fear that because of continuing lockdowns, there are probably people all across the country who are stuck in dangerous situations, and it’s much harder for them to get away from that.

People Breaking Down

Most medical professionals would agree that humans should socialize with one another. When we isolate for extended periods, it wears on us mentally and emotionally.

If you can’t see your friends and family for months on end, it’s probably going to harm you in ways you can’t necessarily see. You might have hopeless feelings. You may even experience suicidal thoughts or ideations.

Typically, you could go see a therapist to talk about these issues. They might put you on antidepressants. All of that is challenging because of lockdowns and virus risks.

You can still see a therapist, but you will probably have to do so through a virtual session. That’s better than nothing. Still, it’s reasonable to assume there are probably many people right now who feel stretched to the breaking point, and they’re not getting the help they need.

There are other issues about which to think as well. For instance, many kids are falling behind in school. Online schooling is better than not learning at all, but they can’t socialize with kids their age. Adult online education is also inferior to in-person learning.

Vaccines are rolling out right now, and we should beat this thing at some point. For now, though, it’s distressing to see the way the coronavirus has nearly crippled society.

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