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3 Ways You Can Monitor Your Health

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Most people think about their health and want to maintain it. If you don’t, and you never exercise or eat an unhealthy diet, you’ll probably run into problems sooner rather than later.

You can monitor your health in various ways, and it’s easier to do that than ever. Certain technological advancements make this possible, but you can also take tests that will quickly reveal whether you have any medical issues that need your immediate attention.

We’ll talk about some ways you can monitor your health in 2022 in the following article. You can pursue any of these options relatively easily, so consider them if you haven’t done so yet.

Take a Respiratory Panel Test

Respiratory panel tests can reveal 22 different pathogens, and they’re relatively easy to get now. You can even give yourself one at home since they’re pretty affordable, and they come with simple directions.

A respiratory panel test is one way that you can determine whether you have Covid-19 or not. If you feel sick and exhibit some of the symptoms, you can buy one of these tests at the store, or you can also get the federal government to send some to your house for free.

With the government’s pandemic funding, you can have a few free tests per household. If you run out of those tests, you’ll need to buy more from an online source or a brick-and-mortar store. You can often get them at Walgreens, Rite Aid, and other pharmacies or larger grocery store chains.

With one of these tests, you’ll take a cotton swab at the end of a small, thin stick and insert that swab into each nostril. Then, you’ll swirl it around for a few seconds. It feels a little unpleasant, but it’s over quickly.

Then, you can dip the cotton swab in a solution and drip the solution onto a tester kit spot. In about fifteen minutes, you’ll know whether you have Covid-19. You can also send the swab to a lab where they can test it not just for the coronavirus but for many other illnesses as well.

If you travel, you should take one of these tests, even if you feel okay when you return. Traveling often causes Covid-19 exposure, even if you’re careful to wear a mask at all times.

Start Using a Fitness Wearable

You can also buy and wear a fitness wearable this year if you want to monitor your health. You can get a Fitbit, a Samsung Watch, or one of the other popular ones on the market. It’s simple to just pop on while you’re going for a walk in your local park or strolling around your retirement villages garden. It’s also easy to track many things.

These wearables can perform many tasks. You might not need to use one for many different functionalities, but you should learn about at least a few of them.

Apart from the obvious, like telling you the time or taking phone calls, some of these wearables can monitor your heart rate. If you have cardiac issues, you can slow down and calm yourself if you hear the wearable beep at you, telling you that you should take it easy.

You can use it to see how much sleep you’re getting. Some of them will also tell you if you’re about to get your period or whether you need to take your insulin if you have diabetes.

You Can Weigh Yourself Each Morning

Some people have scales in their bathroom or elsewhere around the house, but you might have a love-hate relationship with yours. You might like it if it tells you you’re down ten pounds or hate it when it says you’re up fifteen since you last looked at it.

Weighing yourself each morning might seem like a chore, but it’s one of the simplest ways to monitor your calorie intake and keep up with your body’s changes. A little weight fluctuation happens with everyone, but you should not experience very dramatic drops or increases.

Weighing yourself can tell you that you need to eat more or less, but it can also help you move toward a particular goal if you have one. Maybe you want to lose some weight before a family event because you want to fit into a pair of pants or a favorite dress. Perhaps you want to hit a certain target weight after making a New Year’s resolution.

Basic health monitoring isn’t always fun, but it’s necessary. If you keep track of what’s happening with your body, there’s less chance that some unforeseen medical condition will blindside you. These simple monitoring chores might save your life.

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