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3 Top Cities to Live in Switzerland in 2022

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If you plan on moving to Switzerland, you probably have a visit to one of its famous ski resorts or hiking trails as part of your itinerary. But you’ll be glad to know there is more this small central European country has to offer.

From endless lakes to picturesque mountain ranges and medieval villages, Switzerland’s diversity offers a wholesome experience for everyone.

The country’s high quality of life and superb public transit creates a conundrum for visitors looking to settle here. It can be difficult to pick one city to live in when all the cities offer the same good quality of life.  

When you consider the finer details though, you will discover that each of Switzerland’s cities has something unique to offer. To help you narrow down your choices, here’s a review of the three top cities to live in Switzerland.


Geneva kicks off our tour by virtue of its geographical awes. It stretches along Lake Leman, which is one of the largest in central Europe. Behind it lies Mount Jura and the Alps creating a magnificent skyline guaranteed to light up your sunny evenings with stunning sunsets.

This French-speaking city has eight districts, all interconnected by a superb and wide public transport city. Each district has a unique aura and may appeal to different people.

If you fancy ancient architecture, scenic parks, art and native food joints, consider living in Old Town.  If nightlife and trendy cafes appeal to you then you will love Plainpalais and Carouge. Whatever tickles your fancy, Geneva has it.

Geneva has a temperate climate and what many would consider livable winter conditions. In some colder months, the city may experience snow, however, this does not occur every year.

The mountains and Alps get considerable snow which helps keep the several ski resorts open to Geneva residents. It’s also not a bad idea to get up to speed on the latest gopro camera Manual so you can capture the spectacular scenery when visiting.

If you’ve been considering working for big international organizations then you will love Geneva. It is home to the United Nations, International Red Cross and World Health Organization. It’s not a surprise a large percentage of Geneva’s population are expats.


Basel is another top Swiss city that oozes sophistication and class. The architecture and facilities are world-class and the people here are well-cultured and friendly. It’s perfect for those who want to experience all that Switzerland has to offer without having to travel far.

Basel’s location – in the center of Switzerland – gives it easy access to all of the country’s attractions. In particular, the nearby Swiss Alps provide plenty of activities such as hiking and skiing.

The city center is full of boutiques, lovely restaurants and various historic spots like galleries and museums for those who love enjoying the finer things in life.

Basel also offers excellent education opportunities for students of all ages. Here, you’ll find several world-class universities and colleges, as well as professional training schools for fields like engineering, law and medicine.

Finally, furnished apartments are pretty affordable here, albeit a little different to what you will find in other parts of Europe and USA.


Located in North-Central, Zurich is Switzerland’s largest city with a population of over 450,000. It’s divided into twelve distinct municipal districts and just like Geneva, it too boasts a lake. The city has an oceanic climate with a modest 1544 hours of sunshine a year.

There’s a well-established public transportation system that serves over 70% of the population. The railway mass transit system, as well as the buses and trams, crisscross the 12 districts creating an efficient commute system for the residents.

This largely German-speaking city is one of the best places to live in Switzerland thanks to its diverse districts. Lovers of art, lakefront gardens and swimming facilities have the choice of Enge, Seefeld and Zurich 10 districts. If you love the nightlife and good food, Zurich West and Langstrasse are excellent places to consider.

Zurich is a great place to grow your career as it’s home to several global financial corporations. Not only do you get plenty of work opportunities, but you also get to earn the highest average wage in Switzerland. This is handy as it will help equalize the high rent prices for properties located within the city.

Alternatively, you can enjoy lower property rates by renting on the outskirts of the city. You will still get to enjoy all the fun the city has to offer thanks to the efficient public transport system.


Switzerland is an excellent country to live in. It offers a high quality of life for all of its residents irrespective of their location. Even so, certain cities offer discrete benefits not found anywhere else. We hope this article has made it easier for you to pick an ideal city to settle in.

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