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2015 CrossFit Team Series Announced

2015 CrossFit Team Series

We might now be in the ‘off-season’ with the 2015 CrossFit Games coming to an end last month, but there’s still plenty of competition left for the year with CrossFit today announcing its 2015 Team Series.

The CrossFit Team Series was held for the first time last year over two weekends and saw some of the fittest athletes in the world team up together for the event.

In 2014, we saw the likes of Rich Froning, Sam Briggs, Jason Khalipa, and Julie Foucher team up together to from the powerhouse team Rogue Fitness Black, only to be beaten by Team Reebok East, which was made up of Scott Panchik, Ben Smith, Stacie Tovar and Emily Bridgers.

In 2015 we will see the series return with HQ today announcing this year’s dates. The two-part series will start in early September, and end in mid October. The first set of workouts will be released September 8, and the second and final set of workouts will be released October 6.

2015 CrossFit Team Series

  • Week 1: September 8-14
  • Week 2: October 6-12
  • Release of Week 1 workouts: September 8
  • Release of Week 2 workouts: October 6
  • Register: August 18

For those who aren’t familiar with the CrossFit Team Series, any two men and two women can form a team. You and your teammates don’t have to train at the same affiliate or even live in the same state or country, however, you do have to complete all of the Team Series workouts together.

This year, teams will be able to choose between the Rx’d and scaled version of each workout. Choosing scaled for one workout will not prevent a team from doing the next workout as prescribed. Teenagers (14-17) and Masters (40+) will also be included with $151,000 in prizemoney up for grabs.

For more information, or to sign up after August 18, head to the CrossFit Games website by clicking here.

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