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2012 CrossFit Games: Top Ten Moments

2012 CrossFit Games Highlights

2012 CrossFit Games Highlights

The Reebok CrossFit Games are over for another year, and yet again it was Rich Froning and Annie Thorisdottir who were crowned the fittest on earth.

But there were plenty of other highlights throughout the week in Carson, Cali. Here’s a look at the top ten memorable highlights:

10: Deborah Cordner-Carson

Cordner-Carson was eliminated from the 2011 CrossFit Games in the opening workout, after failing to complete the 210 meter swim. After the embarrassment and pain from last year, Cordner-Carson put her fear aside and tackled an even tougher swim at Camp Pendleton, to earn her the Spirit of the Games award.

9: Jason Khalipa

The 2008 champ looked likely to miss the cut after day one at Camp Pendleton with poor performances in the triathlon and the obstacle course. On day 2 he struggled again and was only just inside the top 20. However, just like he did in 2009, Khalipa showed his class, finishing 2nd in three straight events and finishing strongly in the final ‘girls’ workout to claim an inspiring 5th place finish.

8: Hacks Pack UTE

The Teams division provided many highlights this year with many former individual Games competitors deciding to put their affiliate first in 2012. Hacks Pack UTE was the standout performer during the week, winning 5 Events and claiming victory by over 100 points.

7: Lindsey Valenzuela

The girl from Valley CrossFit was one of the favourites to win the Clean ladder in the womens half after setting the world record for the snatch ladder at Regionals. However, the 25 year old suffered heat stroke right before the event and was put on a drip by doctors. After speaking to her coach, Valenzuela bravely decided to compete in the workout. Amazingly, she set a personal best and completed the entire ladder!

6: Neal Maddox

Heading into day 3 Neal Maddox knew he had to do something special if he was to make it to the final day of competition. In the opening rope/sled-push workout, Maddox was no-repped several times during the rope climb and was forced to make his way back up to the top all over again. Despite the setback, Jason Khalipa’s training partner fought back to complete the event within the cut-off time, then backed it up with a win in the Clean Ladder to make it to Day 4!

5: Fortunato v Clever

The final workout ‘Fran’ provided one of the most memorable moments in this years Games. With Annie Thoridottir already crowned the women’s winner for a second year in a row, and Foucher runner-up, Kristan Clever and Talayna Fortunato were involved in a tense battle for 3rd place on the podium. Clever looked likely to claim it as she begun her 9 pull ups to complete Fran. Amazingly, the 2010 Champ couldn’t complete the set unbroken, opening the door for Fortunato to kip her way to a podium finish!

4: Central East Division

The Central East division absolutely dominated the Men’s division with 5 athletes finishing inside the top 10. Even more amazing was the fact the 4 of them are from Ohio!

3: The Growth

Crowd numbers were up, and more people watched the 2012 CrossFit Games online and on TV than ever before. This year we saw young kids walking around in ‘Khalipa’ and ‘Clever’ t-shirts, and saw an abundance of fans ask for photos and autographs. It’s clear the sport is now well and truly on the professional level.

2: Camp Pendleton

CrossFit is full of surprises and the biggest surprise of the week was definitely Dave Castro’s announcement on Monday that there would be an extra day of competition this year. Athletes all went to Camp Pendleton on Wednesday for what would be one of the toughest days of competition in the history of the Games, proving why all of us should expect the unexpected in the sport of CrossFit.

1: Back to back winners

CrossFit has never had multiple Games winners until this year. Rich Froning Jr. and Annie Thorisdottir etched their names into the history books as the first to ever win back to back titles. The big question now is, can they be beaten in 2013???


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