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10 Ways to Get Rid of Nausea Naturally

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Having an upset stomach can be very uncomfortable and interfere with your regular routine. For those that are pregnant or going through treatments for cancer, being nauseous can be a daily occurrence. Finding relief can help you to feel better and concentrate on the things in life that are important.

While being nauseous isn’t pleasant, it’s the type of thing that many people live with on a regular basis. Over-the-counter medications from can help, but some people tend to get drowsy after just one dose. If you are looking for a natural remedy for your nausea, you can try some of these solutions.


For hundreds of years, Ginger has been used to combat nausea. It’s not known what exact compound in ginger works to settle your stomach, but the results can’t be denied. You can take either a ginger supplement, or add a teaspoon of ground ginger to your favorite meal or beverage.


You can help to calm your nausea by taking advantage of the power of your smell. Certain scents have been known to help calm your stomach. Smelling either a peppermint or citrus scent can help your nausea.

Deep Breathing

Tension and shallow breathing can make your nausea feel worse. When you feel like your stomach is upset, try taking deep slow breaths for two minutes. You will find that the relief of tension will settle your stomach.


If you are feeling unwell and your nausea is causing you problems, it’s a good idea to first try to relax. Lay down in a comfortable position and work towards relaxing all your muscles. The release of tension may help to reduce your feelings of nausea.

Vitamin B6

For pregnant women, nausea is not unusual, especially in the first trimester. For women who would prefer to avoid any traditional anti-nausea medications while they are pregnant, they can try a vitamin B6 supplement instead. Vitamin B6 supplements up to 200mg per day are safe to take during pregnancy and can help reduce your nausea.

Avoid Spicy Foods

If you love your spicy foods, but they don’t love you, it’s best to avoid them altogether. The acidic nature of spicy foods can upset the balance in your stomach and increase the probability that you will become nauseous. 

Stay Upright

After you eat, you need to allow time for your food to be properly digested before you lay down. Stay upright in a seated position for at least one hour after you eat to relieve your nausea.

Stay Hydrated

When you aren’t getting enough water, it can make your nausea worse. Adults should be drinking at least eight glasses of water a day to stay properly hydrated.

Meal Size

Eating large meals can make your nausea worse. You may have to reduce your meal size and eat more frequently to help curb your chronic nausea. 

Avoid Strong Smells

Pregnant women are especially sensitive to strong smells that can make them feel unwell. It’s a good idea to avoid harsh room sprays, strongly scented candles, and vibrant cooking recipes to help keep your nausea at bay.

Nausea can happen to anyone for a variety of reasons. Try some of these remedies to help calm your stomach and help you feel better. 

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