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Giveaway: Win 1 of 3 {re}vici Apparel Packs!

{re}vici Gear Giveaway

A few months ago we published an article about a new apparel brand called {re}vici, which had recently entered the functional fitness market.

For those unfamiliar with the brand, {re}vici was launched in 2011 by two guys who wanted to create a brand of clothing that would define the functional fitness community. Basically, they wanted athletes to be able to identify with fellow athletes through the casual clothing they were wearing outside of their CrossFit affiliate.

As they state, their goal is simple:

“To provide comfortable, quality clothing that reflects an active lifestyle”.

After starting out with just basic tee’s, {re}vici now has a large range of clothing apparel for both men and women to choose from, including hats, hoodies, thermals, and tank tops. They also have a new range of men and women’s shorts and capris coming soon.

The good news, is our friends at {re}vici have now provided us with 3 ‘Apparel Packs’ (valued at over $75 each) to give away to our readers!

We will be giving away all 3 ‘{re}vici Apparel Packs’ this week with the competition open to people from all countries right across the globe.

Each pack will consist of the following:

  • 1 shirt of the winner’s choice (head to the {re}vici website to check out their range)
  • 1 hat (any of the three designs featured in the pic above)
  • 1 {re}vici Competitor shirt (usually only given to {re}vici athletes)

All 3 winners will be announced in next week’s Weekly News Wrap!

To enter, simply follow the steps below:


Update (11/25/2013) – This Giveaway is now over. The three lucky winners have been announced in this week’s ‘News Wrap’. Click here to find out if you were one of them. Thanks to everyone who entered!

  • Love the “Live at the Bar” tank!

  • Brian

    {re}vici Never Finished Unisex Tee is my favorite

  • Entering on behalf of my wife, Sarah. She likes the purple “finisher, but never finished” shirt and the long sleeved.

  • JulMass

    Live at the Bar! Definitely the best for {re}vici

  • Diana

    Love the Live at the bar singlet!

  • Vasily

    Pure Athlete Hat is my favorite!

  • Kelly

    Don’t Quit burnout tank

  • E88

    Live at the bar

  • Jen

    It’s a tossup between Live at the Bar and Finisher But Never Finished.

  • Gene martin

    Live at the bar unisex tee

  • Nathan

    Pure Athlete Hat!

  • Donna

    Live at the bar women’s tank!!

  • Kahlia Dawn

    Love the ‘Live
    At The Bar Women’s Tank – Vintage Black’ top!!

  • Alicia Anthony

    The Don’t Quit tank!! Any color, but I LOVE the orange!

  • adam

    Never Finished Unisex T-shirt! By far!

  • Deanna Warren Consani

    Finisher – Women’s Burnout Tank

  • Chelsey

    I love the Don’t Quit Burnout Tank!-It would be pretty embarrassing to quit while wearing it, so it really leaves with one option: Finish!

  • bekkib73

    I LOVE the women’s black burnout tank and the military hats!

  • Christina

    Don’t quit tank!

  • Jake

    Finished but never finished shirt.

  • Lehsa

    don’t quit t-shirt

  • Jessica Deshler

    I like the long sleeve finisher women’s shirt 🙂

  • Shell

    Don’t Quit shirt for sure.

  • Daniel Russell

    Live at the Bar Charcoal tee, so sick

  • Alyson MacPherson

    Love the {re}vici Hoodie

  • Kendrah

    Love the don’t quit burn out tank!

  • cait

    It is a toss up between the dont quit burn out tank and the live at the bar tank!

  • Ashleigh Feltham

    Finished but never finished tank! 🙂

  • Katie B


  • Gibbo

    Live at the Bar Unisex T-shirt

  • Nicci

    Don’t Quit Burnout Tank – Black Love this!!

  • Adrian

    Don’t quit burnout tee has it all !!

  • Eliana Baena

    Don’t Quit Tank!!! Ten months after having my second and that’s what I keep telling myself!!

  • James

    Never finished

  • Leticia Valenzuela Smith

    I love love love the Don’t Quit Burnout Tank – Black

  • Tim

    Don’t quit burnout tee

  • Robin

    Don’t quit!!

  • D’Arcy

    Never finished!

  • Matt H.

    Pure athlete hoodie

  • Laurie Jatczak

    Women’s full zip hoodie!

  • Casey

    Don’t quit tank 🙂

  • Melanie biggs

    Don’t quit tee

  • Carrie

    Don’t quit tank!!!

  • afto

    live at the bar tee since I’m a weightlifter

  • Michael Bernard

    Live At The Bar Unisex Tee – Charcoal

  • James B

    Finisher but never finished tee

  • Angie

    Finisher nut never Finished shirt!! me likey!!!

  • Angie

    Finisher but never Finished!! Original post shows I can’t SPELL and I don’t know my email address!!!

  • Matt Rogers

    live at the bar tee

  • Jessica Campbell

    Women’s Don’t quit tank

  • Jason

    Don’t Quit tee.

  • Chris Mossburg

    It would have to be the men’s don’t quit shirt. It has been a long 9 years in the Army and I have been thru my fair share of struggles and those 2 words have got me thru a lot and will continue to do so!

  • Kayla Kenney

    Live at the bar tank!

  • Cristina

    The blue don’t quit shirt and the black ball cap

  • Billie Miller

    Don’t Quit tee

  • Kyle

    Red ‘Dont quit’ tee! Looks crazy kewl! Need to get my hands on that!!

  • Kara D

    Don’t quit black burn out singlet

  • polina

    Live At The Bar Women’s Tank – Vintage Black

  • Dimitra

    Live At The Bar Women’s Tank – Vintage Black

  • Gérald Julia

    Finisher – Men’s tee

  • Megan Alstatt

    I love the hoodie…wish it wasn’t sold out! But I also love the pink “Vini, Vedi Vici” tank!

  • MJP_13


  • Michelle Milligan

    The Live at the Bar WOmen’s tank!!

  • Timothy Dunn

    I love the “Dont Quit” tee. But why dont you make a “Live at the Bar” singlet for men??? That would be great also!

  • Elsie

    Don’t quit!

  • Polly Woodroffe

    I love the Don’t Quit Burnout women’s singlet 🙂

  • scott Ogden

    Dont quit tee

  • Abbey Holtzman

    Awesome shirts! !

  • Chris

    Nice swag!

  • Allison Behnke

    Vini Vidi Vici Tank

  • Katelyn

    Can never have too much gym gear, my boyfriend and I train together for crossfit and would love some new gear. Love it.

  • Justin Caldwell

    Don’t quit tee

  • Andy Dickson

    Dont quit tee I think

  • AJ Cacioppo

    Womens “live at the bar” tank!

  • Andres Hernandez

    Live at the Bar – mens tee

  • rebecca

    Live at the bar tank!

  • Ryan Rogers

    pure athlete vintage thermal

  • Erin Toms

    Finisher – Women’s Burnout Tank Pink!!!!!

  • Cameron Anderson

    Dont quit Tee

  • lorelei

    Finished but.never finished. Well put.

  • Maegan Crandall

    nice shirts! 🙂

  • Eric Cooke

    Don’t Quit T

  • Rick Leonard

    DON’T Quit Tee mens blue

  • jameson

    {re}vici Pure Athlete Unisex Tee

  • Bob Sawyer ✌

    I can never have enough tshirts!

  • Diane

    Live at the bar tank

  • Amanda Trewin

    Pure Athlete Women’s Tank!

  • Chelsea fayer

    Live at the bar women’s tank

  • Erin Schmidt

    Live at the Bar women’s tank

  • Jeremy Snyder

    Finished but never finished!

  • Col Sanders

    I would Love the DON’T Quit Tee, In blue!

  • Michael John Staffa

    Dont quit tee

  • Ashley

    Can’t help it, it’s the don’t quit burnout tank

  • kenno0315

    Live at the bar women’s tank

  • dave


  • Andrea Smith

    Don’t quit t

  • Brittany

    Live ya the bar womens tank!

  • CABlessen

    Don’t Quit Tee

  • Nicole

    Don’t Quit Burnout Tank

  • Adrienne

    The finisher long sleeve

  • Scott

    Pure Athlete Vintage Thermal

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