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WOD Toys Releases CrossFit Inspired Toys

WOD Toys children's barebell, kettlebells and wall ball

WOD Toys children's barebell, kettlebells and wall ball

Every week I see more and more companies entering the CrossFit market with new ideas, products and inventions. Yet there are few times where I can say I hope a company takes off. WOD Toys is a Seattle based toy manufacture that is launching a line of CrossFit inspired children’s toys for ages 3 and up. They have a range of products from kettlebells, wall balls, plyo boxes to my personal favorite, the mini barbell. I am yet to see any of these products in person but from the images on their website they look great.

As I child I remember asking my mother for the new Hulk Hogan weightlifting set. That Christmas she told Santa I had been nicer than naughty and thankfully my wish was rewarded with my very own child friendly weightlifting set. Although that was many, many years ago I don’t think I have stopped working out since. The drive to workout and stay fit was ingrained in me from a young age. With the worldwide obesity epidemic taking hold anything that can inspire children to get active is a tick in my box.

You can check out WOD Toys website here or watch their video below. Considering I don’t have children and as much as I like fitness equipment I don’t I’ll be ordering any of these products anytime soon. However if you do please let us know what you think of them in the comments below.


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