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WOD Toys Winners Announced

WOD Toys Giveaway

WOD Toys Giveaway

As some of you may know over the last week we were running a WOD Toys giveaway. For your chance to win one of four Kettle Kids replica kettlebells we asked you to “tell us why you like WOD Toys?”

We had some great responses on our Facebook Page, WOD Toys Facebook Page and on the original article.

It was a very hard choice with so many great answers. However in this instance there could only be four. Those winning comments were as follows:

John Schneider posted on Facebook:

I also fell in love with fitness at an early age starting with my Hulk Hogan Weight Set. My daughter turned 1 month yesterday and after she gets the crawling and walking thing down, I’d like to see her have the tools to embrace that same love I learned at an early age. And with much better role models in Spealler and Annie Thorisdottir than wrestling stars.

Eklektostheos posted on The Rx Review:

THIS WOULD BE AMAZING! My husband is in the Army and is so excited to see the Army now shifting towards a CrossFit based PT program. Our son has Autism and loves to watch Crossfit videos and hang with dad while he works out…but to have his own stuff would be amazing! When our son was into superheros we bought him every costume we could…thats not a joke, our downstairs often looks like we had a party and a bunch of super heros past out and left thier clothes everywhere! But we wanted him to show his creativity and overall just have a blast! Autistic people can have very narrow interests…so to see my little guy be interested in working out with dad is awesome! It for me is as simple as…to get these would lead to many smiles as my family enjoys “together” our love of CrossFit 🙂

Kmesmomma posted on The Rx Review:

I’m new to Crossfit. I’m a stay at home, homeschooling mom of 5. To allow me to workout, my dearest hubby meets me at 5:30 AM (he’s already been up working since 2 AM) and we swap vehicles. I take his, and he takes mine with the 5 kids. My youngest (2) is a year and a half out of heart surgery and my 10 year old is 7 months post Bone Marrow Transplant after being diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia. A safe, physical activity is a very necessary part of my children’s recovery. The WOD toys are a great idea! a safe activity, and a way to introduce a great daily fitness routine that they care carry on with as they grow up.

Jamie Jones posted on Facebook:

My son LOVES going to our CrossFit gym, however he always manages to hurt himself one way or another. Having something his size that he can manage is a great way for him to learn and stay fit. He always says (As my husband leaves to go to the gym) “I wanna go get strong with daddy!!”

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to enter. If you missed out or would like to view their full range of toys you can find out more information on WOD Toys website here.

Remember we will be doing more giveaways in the future so don’t miss out! Make sure you sign up to email notifications here and we will let you know when something else like this comes up.

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