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The Role of Fitness in Dealing with Downswings in Poker

I have been playing poker for a long time, and I have lost money. There were times when I made handsome profits, and this game has been kind to me for the most time. Playing poker is a long-term game, and quitting when you are dealt bad luck or have a couple of downswings is not the answer. It is a fact that games of chance can leave you stunned with massive losses too.

 Losing one or a few bets is normal in gambling. It’s important to understand that you cannot control variance and that your bankroll will fluctuate. How do professional players deal with downswings, and how do they stay calm in their lives despite losing money in these games? As a player, I can say that physical health is as important in poker as mental health. 

What is Poker Downswing?

It is a period where you are losing more than usual, and your bankroll runs out fast. Whether you are an experienced poker player or a random player at an online casino, controlling odds and outcomes is not possible. But you have control over your mental health and reaction toward lost games. The study by experts at Top10Pokersites suggests that physical exercise not only improves your physical health but mental performance too. 


Continuous bad luck with different games calls for serious attention from the poker player trying to deal with psychological stress caused by a problem in his personal life. The issue is not related to your skills or strategies. Sometimes things don’t work out as planned, and this happens a lot in poker games. Instead of losing control or going through trauma, we need to stay focused. Not being able to control your mental activity can cost you even more money. 

Importance of Physical Fitness in Gambling 

Nowadays, players are paying a lot of attention to physical fitness at the same time, avoiding any kind of problems. You can get your lost money back, but it is harder to recover from mental illness. Casino owners and authorities also suggest focusing on physical exercise if you are taking part in such activities. For poker players, it is enough to come to grips with good nutrition and increase your daily workout schedule.

Exercise releases endorphins, which can help improve mood and reduce stress levels. I also take part in different physical activities, and these efforts have helped me a lot to improve my gameplay. Physically fit people are more capable of dealing with stressful situations, staying in control regardless of all the situations that unfold in their lives or even when they suffer from an illness or injuries.

Maintain Focus and Stay Determined 

Taking a break in the downswing is a good idea. You can still play different other games or try demo games to understand your weak points. If you are willing to continue the gaming activities, you need to work on your focus. Focusing on the positive is necessary for any type of action as well. Positive thoughts and motivation will help you take control of your life, and you won’t let dumb luck spoil your plans.

Apart from physical exercise, there are other spiritual solutions too. I would suggest trying meditation, and if it works for you, the results can be quite promising. It ameliorates the negative emotions in life and induces a more relaxed state of mind. Meditation can be done in another way as well – by including it into your daily routine when preparing for a session at the poker table.

You can learn from Poker Downswings.

We don’t realize the importance of good health and fitness we face some serious issues. Downswings will help you to improve your gameplay by learning from your mistakes. A healthy diet and sufficient sleep are also important for managing stress and maintaining focus during downswings. We all are too focused and busy with other aspects of life that health is not our priority anymore. 


It’s important to note that losing is part of the game. You will encounter both wins and losses in your life, at the poker table and in life at large. Taking these losses as the biggest issue in our lives will ruin our happiness. The best possible way to deal with them is by staying calm and being objective. It’s always good to try different approaches instead of just giving up on everything.

Stay positive in life and pay attention to activities that can help you to improve your physical and mental health. Physical activity can help you get rid of bad habits and improve your mental health. And positive thoughts are always welcome to help you realize your goals. Maintaining a balanced diet, doing exercise, and taking part in spiritual activities will not only improve poker gameplay but other aspects of your life too. 

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