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The New Combyn Helmet from Giro

Combyn helmet from Giro

Combyn helmet from Giro

Anyone that snowboards or skis has at one time or another worn or considered wearing a helmet. Yet time and time again, one of the main deterrence is the fact they can be a little uncomfortable and cumbersome. For those that can get over that issue, there is always the cost factor.

Like traditional motorbike helmets, snow helmets are designed for a single impact. So anytime you take a big fall off a slope or bump during a downhill trick and the helmet took part of the impact, meant you needed to find yourself a replacement. Over the course of weekend snow trip, that could mean you needed to replace your helmet several times over.

Fortunately, the team over at Giro has seen that issue and are about to launch a new helmet specifically to solve these issues.

Named the Combyn, this helmet is designed with a new playable liner that absorbs energy. It is also made with dual density construction, making it lighter and more comfortable in a variety of temperatures.

Yet the best part about the helmet is it is designed to take multiple impacts. Therefore if you take a bit of a bump after a fall it will bounce back to it’s original shape.

The Combyn helmet from Giro will be available for sale in August of 2013 and retail for around $120 USD.

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