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The Keys to a Life Well-Lived

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You only get one life in this world. That’s what we should assume, anyway. As such, it’s important to make the most of it. While you can’t expect to be on top of the world all of the time, you’ll want to have more high moments than low. 

Sometimes, our happiness and ability to be at our best are beyond us. It’s impacted by things that happen to us, global events and so forth. But on a day-to-day basis, we’re largely in control. So what are the keys to living your best life? Let’s take a look at some tried and tested tips for being at your best. 

Dreaming Big

If there’s one thing that unites all people that go on to have great lives, it’s their capacity to dream. You can’t elevate your life if you have no idea what that looks like. Plus, it’s an essential step towards casting yourself into new directions. If you’re not a natural dreamer, then follow this useful experiment: imagine what your best possible life would look like, and then, if that’s just not possible, work your way backwards. If you don’t reach the moon, then you’ll land among the stars. 

Resting Well

Now to more practical matters. You can’t be at your best if you’re always tired. It’s an essential part of moving forward. After all, if you don’t have energy, then you’ll just be playing catch-up all the time. And that makes it difficult to stride forward with purpose. So if we were to give any advice, it would be: prioritize your rest. Sleeping well and giving yourself time and space to restore your energy may just become your secret weapon when it comes to self-improvement. After all, you’ll need to do something with all that surplus energy!

Physical Conditioning

It’s also recommended to focus on the body. Starting a regular exercise routine can do wonders for your confidence, energy levels, and mental health. There are just so many benefits, and next to no downsides. You don’t necessarily need to spend hours in the gym each week. Anything that gets your heart rate up and your body sweating will do the trick. For many people, starting a regular exercise routine is the spark that has a transformative impact on their overall life.

Getting Support

We often think of life improvements as an individual act, something that we do alone. But that’s not the case. It’s impossible to elevate yourself without the help and support of others; no one is an island, after all. No matter what issue you’re dealing with, there’ll be help available to you. For instance, maybe you’re struggling with your mental health, in which case a therapist can help you. If you need a little support making the most of your NDIS plan, then an NDIS support coordinator will be there to help you. In some cases, simply leaning on your friends and family can be enough to help you overcome challenges and improve your life.

Friends and Family

And talking of friends and family: be there for them, spend time with them, and cherish everything that they add to your life. You never know when they’ll be gone. In your old age, it won’t be the amount of money you earned or anything like that that you remember — it’ll be the good times that you shared with the people who are nearest and dearest to you. If it’s been some time since you’ve been with those people, then look at organizing a get-together. A summer BBQ is the perfect opportunity to bring friends and family together. 


No one is perfect. But still, if there are some aspects of your life that are holding you back, then why not look at getting rid of them? Some people have undergone amazing transformations just by giving up drinking or quitting smoking. It shows them what they’re capable of with a bit of belief. 


Finally, remember the power of positivity. We often create our own realities with our thoughts. If you see something in a certain way, then that’ll be your experience of it. If you have a positive mindset, then you’ll see the good in the world — and you never know what that river will lead to once you put it in motion. If you struggle with positivity and optimism in general, then remember that there are things you can do to increase it. Even keeping a gratitude journal can have a profound impact on your experience of life.

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