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The Importance Of Self Defence In Today’s Complex World


There are many parents out there who always tell their children to turn the other cheek when it comes to fighting and they should always try to walk away from a bully or talk to an adult about it. It’s great that they want to give this advice to the children but they should know that it is generally ineffectual and it generally leads to more bullying.

As a parent, it would be a much more responsible thing to teach your child how to defend themselves. And this means that they wouldn’t take part in initiating a fight but they would be able to stand up for themselves in the event that one did occur.

What you are teaching your child is that they need to protect themselves from harm and this will help them greatly with their studies and other events happening in school and it will lead to a massive increase in confidence as well. If this sounds like a sensible proposition, then you should look into some Muay Thai in Reading and this will provide your child with the ability to not only defend themselves but to learn a skill that will stay with them throughout their adult lives.

If you’re not still sold on the idea of sending your child to self defence classes then maybe the following can help to convince you otherwise.

  • Always prepared – It is fair to say that it is unusual as an adult to be involved in some kind of altercation but it does happen. Kids and particularly schools seem to be a breeding ground for bullying and fighting and so it’s best that you give your child the best start in life so that they are properly prepared every single time they feel threatened by they find themselves in some kind of immediate danger.
  • An attack can be prevented – Believe it or not but the knowledge that someone has been trained in Muay Thai for example, is sufficient to put the offending party off from starting up a fight in the first place. The word will soon get around the school that your child is skilled in this martial art and so kids will naturally stay away from them anyway if it’s bullying that they want to do.

These are two excellent reasons why you should really think about getting your child enrolled in some kind of Muay Thai class and believe me when I tell you that there are numerous more.

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