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The CrossFit Bubble

Muscle Ups in Tree

One of my favorite trees for muscle ups

Yes, I live in a bubble. Like many CrossFitters I have a variety of hobbies, but a lot of the time my life is CrossFit, CrossFit, CrossFit. From reading the Journal, running this site, to doing my daily WOD, or competing at a weekend CrossFit box games day, I will admit much of my life revolves around CrossFit.

Participating at CrossFit Competition

Participating at a Weekend CrossFit Competition

As I look around this bubble it seems as another day passes another celebrity, friend, family member, or co-worker has jumped on the CrossFit bandwagon. Additionally, with huge sponsors joining the community every day, I sometimes forget how few CrossFitters there really are among us. However, there are times when this is made very clear to me and earlier today was one of those days.

It was a fantastic day, sun-a-shining, birds-a-flying and dogs-a-running. You get the picture; it was a perfect day, which meant it was a perfect day for CrossFit. So I went out to my local park where I like to do a few of my workouts. I should have known things were going to be interesting as the moment I threw the straps of my Rogue rings over the tree, heads began to turn.

Now I’ve done plenty of WODs in public places, so have come accustom to people staring. Whether it be the strange looks when practicing handstand walks or the utter confusion when doing some sort of barbell movement, I’ve seen and heard it all before. Yet the moment those straps went up, the first person came a-walking. He was young man who asked if I was trying to pull the tree down. After a brief explanation (which I could see made no sense to him), he walked away not sure what to make of me, taking a seat on a park bench where he kept a watchful eye. I went about my business and began my workout choosing to do five rounds of 5 muscles-ups, 30 kettlebell swings and a 400-meter run.

Weekend CrossFit

The Weekend CrossFit Social Event

To make a long story short, whether it was during a set of muscle-ups, kettlebell swings, or the run, person after person would either stop and stare, or walk over and ask what I was doing. Now the first two rounds I was happy to oblige (I actually needed the rest between each muscle-up) and through my gasps for air I tried to answer each persons question. However, by the third and fourth rounds I was so fatigued it was impossible to do anything but grin and smile. I figured by this stage, most people would see I was sweating and struggling to breathe and would wait until I had finished. Yet my wish could not have been any further from the case. Throughout the entire workout, person after person seemed so intrigued they kept coming over and asking me question after question. In fact, I had so many people ask me what I was doing let’s just say after today, I could have had a box full of new members.

Now on the one hand I’m glad so many people felt they could approach me and inquire, but on the other it made finishing the WOD in any record time impossible. I enjoyed myself nonetheless and hopefully even introduced a few people to CrossFit and Mainsite. In any event, it was an interesting lesson for me because in a world where everything is CrossFit, it’s interesting to see what happens when you step outside your box, and find there are not as many people as you think inside your bubble.

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