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Taping Hands for CrossFit Workouts

Taping Hands for CrossFit

How to Tape Your Hands for CrossFit

It’s a pain all functional fitness athletes know too well – hand tears. Beginners, professionals, coaches and trainers all know how much of a pain in the ass they are.

While getting your first hand tear might actually be an achievement if you’re new to the sport, the more you experience them, the more you begin to hate them. Not only to they cause a fair bit of pain, but they actually hinder your ability to workout. I mean, how many time have you cringed grabbing that bar the day after a rip?

And the problem is, it isn’t just one exercise which can cause hand tears, there’s plenty of them. While pull ups are the big killer movements like kettle bell swings, muscle ups, toes to bar, knees to bar and even standard barbell work can rip hands apart.

There are a few ways to try to prevent hand tears, like using hand grips or chalk, but the best method I have come across is to tape them.

I know a number of athletes who refuse to tape their hands because they think it is weak or a ‘band aid’ solution (pardon the pun). But the reality is it is an effective method that everyone is using. Have a look at the pro’s competing at the games this year. Almost every one of them will use some kind of tape on their hands.

There are also a handful of athletes who don’t tape their hands simply cos they don’t know how to. So here is a quick guide on taping hands for CrossFit workouts:

Emma's hand tears - taping your hands

Emma’s hand tears

There are a few methods you can use when taping your hands, but this is the most simple and effective way I have come across.

Step one. Using standard athletic tape, cut two strips of around 20cms and stick one on the back of another, making it essentially a double strip. It is easy to do this on a whiteboard or clean and flat surface to avoid the tape getting mucked up.

Step two. Rip the strip down the middle until around half way down. Then place the tape down the middle of the inside of your hand with the two splits going in-between your fingers and over to the back of your hand. Make sure both sides come down past your wrist so you can lock them in. To get the most hand protection, I would make two strips and wrap one around both sides of the ring finger, and the other around the rude finger.

Step three. Use more tape to lock the strips. This can be done by wrapping a few layers round your wrists.

Now I know instructions can be difficult to read. Which is why I added this easy to follow video for you to watch.

If this method doesn’t work for you, or you don’t like the feel, you can always try this technique of taping your hands posted by Cynergy CrossFit,

In addition, if you do manage to pick up any bad tears during workouts, here’s a good article on how to look after them and get them healing fast!

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