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Strength Training Tips All Beginners Should Know

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Strength training is probably one of the essential steps toward healthy weight loss. 

There are many programs to choose from at Nirvana fitness exercises focused on healthy weight loss, but the basics of strength training are always handy no matter what program you choose as the one that best fits you. 

As a beginner, workout programs might be intimidating, especially with the wide pool of choices. However, we’ve narrowed down the most simple and practical steps that will greatly aid you in strength training:

1. Get Medical Clearance

A lot of people start routines without actually understanding what goes on inside their bodies. 

If you’re targeting weight loss, where should this loss be focused on? Is this supposed to be water weight or fat? 

Being aware of your blood and chemical makeup is the beginning of a healthy workout since you won’t be shooting into the dark and risking your own body with routines and lifestyle changes that might further cause harm.

In terms of strength training, specifically, the workout changes your blood sugar levels which is all the more important for you to get a blood workup and a medical clearance for it.

2. Warming Up Is For Everyone

Sure, this is already something you’ve had the gut feeling as a newbie; however, never forget this even as you progress into strength training. Warming up is the key to preventing any injury and possible harm to your body. 

Even if you’re no longer new to working out, always include warming up into your routine (and do a proper cool down as well).

3. Look Into Isolated Static Stretches

The most basic but also the most effective way to cool down is to do isolated static stretches. From the name itself, this means you are to stretch your body parts one at a time and hold them for 30-seconds.

A proper cool-down also helps your body to adjust to your training as part of your lifestyle while lessening the chances of injury. 

Remember to also listen to your body. If you feel that a certain part of your body is in pain when doing certain movements, avoid forcing it.

4. Your Body Needs R&R (Rest and Repair)

Building stronger muscles require time. That being said, it takes around a day or two for them to rest and repair. On days when you’re not doing strength training, use the time for a cardio routine instead.

A balance of strength training and cardio is the key to strengthening your muscles and not just the ones most likely to be visible. 

Cardio will greatly strengthen your lungs and heart, thus improving circulation. This might not be visible such as with muscles on your torso or your legs, but they are just as important.

5. Water Is Your Fuel

Never underestimate the power of hydration. Water is still needed even on a normal day when people are mostly sedentary. Imagine then how much more water you’ll need if you’re active!

Drink water before working out and drink water also after your training. Also, look into drinks that are great for rehydrating and making up for lost electrolytes.

6. Tap Into Healthy Sources of Energy

Exercising alone often doesn’t suffice to make your body healthier. More often than not, what you consume is still the factor that greatly affects your body. 

Know that it is pertinent for you to be more aware of your diet.

Dieting and exercising are the best combinations to strengthen yourself, lose weight, and generally live out a healthier lifestyle. 

Instead of resorting to carbohydrates alone as a source of energy, look into protein and fiber as healthier alternatives. It will also help improve your metabolism.

7. Weigh Your Strength

The true way to strengthen your body is to make use of weights. Certainly, this is a gradual process, from using your own body weight to adding some light dumbbells before you can proceed to heavier equipment. 

Additionally, some forms of resistance added to your training can also help boost your strength.

Generally, strength training enables you to live not just a healthier life but also a higher chance of a longer one. 

This is why it is key to any workout goal and is part of every routine you may have already encountered when you search for exercise programs online. 

Strength training can aid in your flexibility, mobility, and endurance, after all.

One of the added benefits of strength training is its ability to help greatly improve your mood. 

A consistent workout can train your body to release the necessary hormones that will help your mental health.

That being said, no matter your age or body type, strength training should be part of your routine. 

As it helps with your mental and physical health, strength training enables people to feel more fulfilled throughout their progress and the challenges their bodies have managed to overcome.

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