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Ruth Anderson Horrell: One Week Out From the Games

Me with Dr. Lindsey Matthews, (behind), Sam Briggs (left_ & Lindsey Valenzuela (right)

Me with Dr. Lindsey Matthews (behind), Sam Briggs (left) & Lindsey Valenzuela (right).

One week out from the potential beginning of the CrossFit Games. That is, if they send us off on Tuesday on some cross country weighted ruck type event.

So am I ready?

Well i’m not quite where I planned to be. Last week, I unfortunately damaged something in my neck on a handstand-walk workout. This, unfortunately, has been painful and my traps have really grabbed on to this inflammation locking up my shoulders. My workout yesterday consisted of no-arm aerodyne, step-ups and pistols. Today I have some PVC pipe OHS planned, and probably some running.

The last few days I have resented the pain, feeling like my year may be wasted, wondering if I could still compete.

Dr. Lindsey Mathews and me

Dr. Lindsey Mathews and me

I guess, at the stage that i’m at, not being able to train gave me some kind of identity crisis. CrossFit has become not only my passion, but my job, when I go to bed at night, I think about it. I dream about workouts and I wake up anticipating my day of CrossFit. My year is split between coaching CrossFit, training CrossFit, competing at CrossFit, selling CrossFit accessories and clothing and doing little extras like writing CrossFit articles.

So I wondered, what would I be if this was not me? What would the people who have supported me think of me if I did not perform?

Now I have accepted, I am still me, this is just a bump in my road, it is there to make me more determined, to add fuel to my fire, to make me a better athlete. The injury has occurred due to a flaw in my technique or my training, and I must do what I can to be pain free by the start of the Games so I can give it my all.

Me and Dr. Lindsey Matthews

Me and Dr. Lindsey Matthews.

Yesterday, Dr. Lindsey Matthews game me magnet and laser treatment, today I get acupuncture. If the pain is not reduced, I head for an MRI to check for a disc bulge.

This will at least give me information as to whether it is safe to push through.

I am hopeful, I can finish what I started this year, and i’m thankful for the people that are supporting me and doing their best to get me there.

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