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Room for Rent: CrossFitters Not Welcome


Looking for a spare room to rent in the Washington DC area? Well you may just be in luck… That is unless you are into CrossFit.

The advert posted on Craigslist is for a rented room in 3-bedroom house in Mt. Vernon Square. Although potential housemate must be forwarded as these gentlemen are, “Seeking (a) Renaissance Bro to Assimilate into Existing Bro Community.”

Applicants for the $800 a month room must meet strict requirements, some of which are:

1. Must Love Music: “You must be a musician or at least love music”

2. No Communists: “We love capitalism. . .so no occupiers or hippies”

3. No Bartenders or Restaurant Workers: “We don’t want bartenders/restaurant guys coming in late at night on weekdays and spraying their hot jazz all over our snuggly dreams”

4. No Females: “No women. . . sorry ladies. . . I like to bed you, but not live with you”

5. No CrossFitters: “If you are into that don’t email me. JK, but no, seriously

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