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How it Works:

We trawled through the results of the past five CrossFit Games and came up with a points structure we believe is accurate. Starting from 2007, top competitors in each year’s Games are awarded rankings points depending on where they finished, with winners receiving bonus points.

The point system stays the same for each CrossFit Games, but increases for every year after 2007. For example, a competitor who finished fourth in 2010 will receive more points than a competitor who finished fourth in 2008.

The system also includes the 2012 CrossFit Open results, but rewarded less points for top athletes. This is because there is no prize for the winner of the Open, and the level of importance is a lot lower than the Games.

Once the final numbers were calculated, we removed any CrossFitters who had retired from the sport, and also deducted points for those who failed to qualify for this year’s Regionals for reasons other than injury or personal matters.

In the end, we came up with the follow results for the 2012 CrossFit Rankings:

CrossFit Mens Rankings

CrossFit Womens Rankings

NOTE: The Rankings will be updated after every major event. i.e. the CrossFit Games.

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