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Proven Strategies for Beating the House Edge

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Playing video poker online can be an entertaining, rewarding, and potentially lucrative hobby. However, the house edge gives Lucky Dreams Casino a built-in advantage. Use skill, strategy, and a few insider tips to beat the odds and come out on top more often. Follow these 7 battle-tested tactics to master video poker and line your pockets with winnings.

Know Which Games to Play

Not all video poker machines are created equal. The payback percentage (the amount paid out as winnings over time) can vary dramatically between game variations. Compare the house edge between popular VP games:

Game House Edge
Deuces Wild 2.27%
Jacks or Better 0.46%
Double Bonus 0.17%

Games like Deuces Wild may seem tempting thanks to wild cards and bonus payouts. But the odds are stacked much higher against you. For the best chance to come out ahead, opt for full-pay Jacks or Better or Double Bonus.

Understand Proper Strategy

Unlike slots which involve pure luck, video poker requires skill and strategic thinking. The cards you decide to hold and replace can mean the difference between a big payout and losing your bet. Memorize the mathematically optimal play for every hand based on your game variation. Tip sites offer free strategy charts that specify exactly which cards to keep or toss back.

Bet Max to Qualify for Royal Flushes

Most VP machines require max credits bet to unlock increased payouts for 4-of-a-kind and royal flush hands. Betting lower amounts excludes you from jackpot-level prizes. The additional cost per hand is worthwhile to contend for exponentially higher winnings. Read the payout table closely – if “with max bet” appears next to the top tier hands, go big or go home.

Know When to Walk Away

One key to coming out ahead is quitting during upswings. Set a reasonable win goal per session and walk away when you reach it – no matter how hot the machine seems. Continuing play during cold streaks is how many players give back hard-won earnings. Be disciplined, take a break, or switch machines if your bankroll starts noticeably dropping.

Locate Full-Pay Machines

The jackpots may look enticing on that 8/5 Jacks or Better machine (meaning it pays 8x for a full house and 5x for flushes). But the payout is only 94.8% over time – costing you heavy losses long-term. Seek out rare full-pay VP options (9/6 JoB or higher) that return 99-100% with perfect strategy. Use VP locator sites and casino forums to track down these diamonds in the rough. Getting 0.2% closer to 100% payback makes a monumental difference over tens of thousands of hands.

Take Advantage of Comps

Sign up for video poker loyalty programs whenever available. Even if you only break even or lose a little, the casino may still comp rooms, drinks, meals, and more based on total money wagered. Earn perks and points whether you win or lose by using your players card. But never let comps entice you to play longer or justify chasing losses.

Use Software to Hone Your Skills

Download video poker apps to practice on your computer or mobile device during downtime. Many programs let you set game speed, show odds of winning, and analyze previous play decisions. Endless free play with fake money builds card sense and reflexes to make better real-money choices. Running simulations also test VP strategies to identify optimal plays for each hand.

With mastery of video poker intricacies, it’s possible to virtually eliminate the house edge. You likely won’t get rich, but can stretch each bankroll significantly further. Combined with bonuses, comps, and loyalty perks, making a profit is within reach. Implement these 7 battle-tested tips at your online casino of choice to beat the odds and line your pockets with winnings.

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