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Product Highlight: The WOD Handbook

With so many workouts in the functional fitness world, it’s often hard to keep track, or even remember what specific movements are involed in each workout.

Of course, standard WOD’s like Fran, and Helen are usually easy to remember for most people, but what if I asked you to name all the movements and prescribed weights for the workout The Seven? Or the Hero WOD Wood?

The reality is, most of us live in a fast paced, busy world. As a result, it’s often easy to forget things like the exact weight of the barbell in a certain workout, or the exact amount of reps in a particular WOD.

That’s where something like The WOD Handbook comes in handy.

As the title suggests, The WOD Handbook is essentially a book full of functional fitness workouts. With over 200 pages full of detailed illustrations, it basically acts like a reference guide for all major WODs. The workouts are broken down into a number of sections, including the benchmark Girls, Hero WOD’s, Tabata Workouts and more.

In the above video The Rx Review takes a quick look at The WOD Handbook, which sells for around $20 online and is available to purchase in most acountries across the globe.

For more information on The WOD Handbook, you can check out their website, or you can follow them on Facebook by clicking here.

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