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Poll: Predicting 15.4 – Week 4 of the CrossFit Open?

With just two weeks left of the 2015 CrossFit Games Open the guessing game has begun on what we might see in the penultimate workout – 15.4.

There a number of common funcitonal fitness movements we are yet to see so far this Open, including box jumps, burpees, thrusters, pistols and a row to name a few. Going on past years it’s fair to assume most of those movements will be including in the programming for the final two weeks of the Open. However, CrossFit does have a knack of throwing up curveballs so who knows, maybe we won’t see them in this year’s competition?

As well as the movements, many people are now speculating as to how they will be included into the programming. Some are suggesting we will see a thruster ladder, others predicting burpees over the bar or even box jumpovers.

predicting crossfit open 15.4 workout predicting 15.4

Scott Panchik vs Josh Bridges in live 15.4 workout announcement (image source: CrossFit).

In addition, there is also the live workout announcements to keep in mind. Of course, there is every chance the workouts could be tailored to be ‘crowd friendly’ in which something like a row might not be included.

This week we will see Josh Bridges and Scott Panchik go head to head in the 15.4 live workout announcement. Both are relatively smaller athletes, so could we see a workout suited to thier strenghts? I guess we will just have to wait and see, but for now we can at least guess!

Cast a vote in the above poll and tell us what movement(s) you think we will see in the fourth week of the CrossFit Open: 15.4.


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