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Paleo Diet: Is it Really That Good??

The debate over whether the paleo diet is good or bad is one that has existed within the CrossFit community for years.

Some athletes swear by it and wouldn’t diet any other way, while others view it as a waste of time and effort.

Personally, I have gone on a strict paleo diet a few times in my life, and the results were definitely evident. I lost weight, leaned out, my WOD time’s improved and overall my general wellbeing was better, even if i did have to go without some of my favourite foods (chips, toast, pasta).

However, if you ask someone else, they might tell you otherwise. They might tell you of the mood swings you’ll encounter, the stomach cramps you get and the health risks you put your body under.

It seems US News is one of these critics.

On their website, they’ve released an article on the top 20 diets in the world and surprisingly, the Paleo Diet came in last position. In fact, it was so poorly rated, it was given just two out of five stars by the website.

The Atkins diet was close behind in 19th spot, while the DASH diet was named the best.

The full list can be found here.

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