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Oprah talks about the Lance Armstrong interview

Oprah's interview with Lance Armstrong

Oprah’s interview with Lance Armstrong

With Oprah’s interview with Lance Armstrong finished and waiting to be aired, speculation is already running rife what was and what was not said.

Although beside the speculation, the pressing factor for Armstrong is the impending legal battles that may be ahead of him.

Lance Armstrong Tour Down Under 2009

Lance Armstrong during the Tour Down Under 2009

So far we know the Australian Government intends to sue for repayment of appearance fees they paid him for the Tour Down Under.

The U.S Anti-Doping Agency could sue for their legal fees due to their ongoing battles they had with Armstrong. And the U.S Justice Department could join the whistleblower suit that deals with Armstrongs possibly defrauding of the U.S postal Service when they sponsored his team all those years ago, and those are just the beginning.

On top of those battles, there is still the threat of jail for the former 7-time Tour de France Champion. Armstrong did make several statements under oath in a Dallas court, so if it is discovered he lied there, that could lead to criminal charges and with it jail time.

For now we can only wait till Thursday night 9:00pm U.S Eastern time when part one of the interview will be aired (part 2 will air the same time Friday).

Although if you just can’t wait till then, Oprah was on the CBS This Morning show earlier today and discussed her thoughts on the interview that took place.

Check out that video below.

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