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New Year’s Resolution: Cheryl Brost

Cheryl Brost CrossFit Games Altrient Spokesperson

As we all know, the new year is all about new beginnings and resolutions.

With the 2013 CrossFit season about to get underway, we caught up with some of the world’s best known CrossFitter’s to find out what their resolutions are for 2013.

Today we reveal three-time Games competitor Cheryl Brost.

At the age of 41, Brost was the oldest competitor at the 2012 CrossFit Games where she finished 15th overall. In the past three years, the mother of two has made a name for herself as one of the world’s best female competitors, and as an inspirational figure in the CrossFit community.

Brost is also proof that age isn’t always a factor in CrossFit. At an age where most people have already retired from sport, Brost is just beginning her CrossFit journey.

Here is Cheryl Brost’s New Year’s resolution for 2013:

“I’ve never been much of a New Year’s Resolution person, mainly because it seems that people are never able to achieve or stick to them. However, I do strongly believe in the power of goal setting. Another reason I don’t subscribe to New Year’s Resolutions is because it is important to set goals more than once a year.

I believe in setting short term, intermediate and long term goals and having “goal sets” (i.e. a road map, a plan) on how to reach those goals. I think that’s why many people fail to fulfill their New Year’s Resolutions – they come up with some lofty goal but no road map or plan in place to be able to reach it.

Setting weekly goals is a great place to start and can be very powerful! These will make your larger goal seem less daunting and keep you focused on what you can do here and now to help yourself get there.

You’ve heard it all before but when setting goals, make sure they are challenging yet attainable, specific, time measured, positive, and flexible. Putting this simple practice into motion provides a great confidence building tool; as you achieve these goals week after week, it is like a snowball rolling down the mountain gaining size and momentum!

Before you know it, you find yourself achieving your long range goals!”

We’ll reveal another top CrossFitter’s New Year’s resolution tomorrow.

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