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New Year’s Resolution: Bill Grundler

Bill Grundler at the 2010 Sectionals

Bill Grundler at the 2010 Sectionals

As we all know, the new year is all about new beginnings and resolutions.

With the 2013 CrossFit season about to get underway, we caught up with some of the world’s best known CrossFitter’s to find out what their resolutions are for 2013.

Today we reveal leading CrossFit coach and competitor Bill Grundler.

Bill Grundler is one of the most popular CrossFit competitors to have never made it to the CrossFit Games.

After starting the sport four years ago, Grundler has finished top ten at the 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 CrossFit Regionals.

The closest Grundler has come to qualifying was last year, when he finished 5th at the Southern California Regionals, after going into the event as the 4th best qualifier through the Open.

As well as an athlete, Grundler is also a commentator for CrossFit, a firefighter, a former lifeguard and a wrestling champion.

At the age of 43, Grundler is getting ready for yet another CrossFit season.

Here is his New year’s resolution for 2013:

“I’ve worked on my diet, I have worked on my workout goats, but the one thing that ALWAYS escapes me is improving my sleep.

I live in the 5-6 hour realm! In 2013, I WILL GET AT LEAST 7 HOURS OF SLEEP A NIGHT!! Good night!”

We reveal another top CrossFitter’s New Year’s resolution tomorrow.

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