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Meet the 2024 Belmont Stakes Contenders

The Belmont Stakes is the last leg of the Triple Crown, and while there won’t be a Triple Crown winner this season, many are still excited to see the results of the June 8 race at Saratoga Race Course. Instead of the usual 1 ½ race course, it would be 1 ¼ miles instead, giving ample chances to contenders to win their spot. 

Some of the contenders for the last leg have already run at the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes, giving fans enough past performance footage. This is beneficial since the race course for this year’s Belmont Stakes is the same as that for the Kentucky Derby. 


Fierceness was a fan favorite during the Kentucky Derby, as he had three wins out of five career starts before the first leg. He also dominated the Florida Derby, which showed his potential and earned him a spot on the first leg of the Triple Crown.

He left the racing fans disappointed with his finish at Churchill Downs despite the fanfare. In addition, he may have had a bad trip in the Derby since he was caught in a speed battle between Just Steel and Track Phantom early in the race, which made him fall to 15th place. 

Even though he may be inconsistent, there’s no denying that he can dominate some races. If Fierceness won’t get caught in a speed battle early on or win in another round, then we may see another strong performance by Fierceness in New York. 

Mystik Dan

The winner of the first leg is none other than Mystik Dan, who raced with his jockey, B. Hernandez Jr. With the help of his trainer, Kenneth McPeek, he also finished second in the Preakness Stakes. If you check, you’ll see that Mystik Dan is and will be a well-known favorite to bettors. 

He’s one of the top contenders that many expect to win first place. He has proven time and time again that he’s a talented colt, and many expect that he would be more effective in the longer race of the Triple Crown. 

We hope for Mystik Dan’s exceptional performance again in the Triple Crown despite only a few weeks between the three races. 

Seize the Grey

The contender with the most buzz this season is Seize the Grey, the winner of the 2024 Preakness Stakes. It won’t be a whole month before Seize the Grey, with his jockey J. Torres, would race again in the Belmont Stakes as one of the top favored to win. 

When he jumped out, the colt had an early lead. He could hold the momentum until the finish line, where the grey colt won from wire to wire. However, it’s important to note that the Preakness Stakes merely had a distance of 13⁄16 miles, and the Belmont Stakes in 2024 is 1 ¼ miles. 

As such, some people doubt if the colt could duplicate his success at the next race at Saratoga. It’s because he usually excels at shorter distances, and even with the lowered distance in the Belmont Stakes, the extra distance could be challenging.

He won the Pat Day Mile on Derby Day and Preakness Stakes as he took advantage of his speed with the shorter race. Many are worried that other contenders in New York may outrun him. As such, it’s hard to tell if other’s opinion that he only excels in shorter races would come true or if he could seize the Belmont Stakes. 

How To Know Which Is the Winning Horse

While there isn’t a sure way to tell who the winning horse would be, we’ve compiled things you should look out for to give you a clue. After all, just like in any sport, an underdog may swoop in and win the Belmont Stakes trophy. 

You should look for horses that can quickly assess their surroundings and are relaxed enough on the field. Some horses get overwhelmed by the number of people and cheer. 

Looking at a horse’s coat and way of walking is also essential. When you look at a horse, you can tell if it is healthy by the shine of its coat and how bright its eyes look. These are just signs that a horse is ready for the 1.25-mile race. Observing how they walk is also essential since it tells fans if a horse covers the ground quickly. Observing the horse also gives an insight into whether they look fit and athletic enough to race. 

Final Thoughts

This season has numerous famous faces, and Seize the Grey is the most popular. Will Seize the Gray seize the day in the Belmont Stakes, just like he did in the Preakness Stakes, or will another favorite secure their win?

One will only know by watching the Belmont Stakes this June 8. So, secure your tickets and prepare for the race to determine who will go home victorious. 

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